Craig Kelly’s speech. 13.11.2021

Craig Kelly’s rises up in Melbourne (13.11.2021) and delivered a powerful speech to many tens of thousands of Victorians who turned up to protest against the draconian Daniel Andrews’ Labor bill. A huge increase in numbers from the previous Saturday.

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Written by True Arrow


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  1. The welfare system will rule and the sheeple will vote for anything or anyone to get their freebies but this will come to an end , at the moment corruption will rule and the Communists will not give up !!.

  2. Global bio-terrorist operation COVID-19 = A 'Promised Land' of opportunities for organized crime, corrupt politicians and 'public servants', including corrupt police officers, drug dealers, opportunistic journalists, nurses and physicians, COVID Marshalls, human traffickers, contact tracers, climate change commissioners, social distancing ambassadors, public safety officers and safeguarding officers, so called.

  3. Craig Kelly, what are you going to do when the Qld Premier denies the unvaxxed access to medical care on December 17th. I want to know how she can control Doctors who are registered Nationally and Medicare is National. She is threatening to pull the unvaxxed Medicare rights. Again how when the PM is saying there is no mandatory vaxxes, can the Qld Premier threaten to return access to medical facilities.

    Melbourne is only the start of the fall of Australia, if we don't stop State politicians' RAPE of its Citizens rights. What do we do if the State Politicians refuse to hold State and Federal Elections?

  4. Do people trust this Kelly dude? I don't trust any politician. They say the right thing before, then do either nothing or the opposite! I'm not sure. About Bosi either! He's such a smooth talker. But x-military, rich, Masonic background. Difficult!

  5. The misguided kneeling to Craig Kelly the puppet of Clive Palmer and his shifty politicking only negates any validation of your conspiracy. Poor and selfish. with a mess of weak and unvalidated beliefs aided by bigots from the loony right. The hatred, vile and violent abuse says it all.

  6. thank Australia.. Australians.. thank you all for standing up, not just for yourselves but for all of us.. you did it so hard for so long and now all kiwis will benefit because our prime sinister is watching and she's seeing that the public are not on her side and we will NOT GIVE UP OUR RIGHTS. . Australians’ suffering for nearly two years, means that you all have helped push the tide back on totalitarianism.. and once the tide flows back. . it will be just as strong as when it came for you. . please keep pushing, please keep demanding your rights. . we will do what we can on this side.. one day, we will meet again.. with love from NZ..

  7. Labor and Liberal refused to call out the extremist censorship and thuggery of the Dan Andrews regime, and so for that too late politicians – you lose. You don't get to play Russian roulette with our lives. You're gone next election. Gone.

  8. How the hell was a pandemic declared with no independent national assessment? Bid pharma silenced the voice of independent public health policy researchers and the politicians allowed doctors to be silenced and businesses to be threatened while violating the Australian Constitution and Human Rights Conventions. It was established that 94.6% of people worldwide suffer mild Covid symptoms and yet the Vax is credited with "reducing symptoms." The Vax is not safe, nor is it effective – for the past ten years of Coronavirus tirals.

    The academics were silent, and the subject matter experts were vilified and ignored. Legitimate Covid treatment was not endorsed (Indian Bar Association issue Legal Notice on 10 June 2021 for the suppression of Ivermectin which was demonised by MSM), yet proven to be effective with early treatment of Covid. Ventilators are bad news when used incorrectly and excessively and worst of all, next to injecting children, are the lies of adverse Vax reactions not being reported. Morrison, has a lot to answer for, as does power abuser Andrews. Less people died in 2020, than died in 2019. Lies upon lies, cover up upon cover up, and coercion upon coercion. Even the National Covid Hotline could not hold the same position as the coercion coalition when put to the legal test. So many people bluffed by sanctions and mandates. Disgraceful demonstration of leadership by Premiers and the the National leader. All of these major parties have to go – Now. They didn't have the best interests of the people; their health, nor their economy. We did not get value for money leadership.

    More and more information is coming out on the VAX and many are deeply concerned about their future state of health. But praise be to the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, who grants mercy and justice to those who call on Him. This nation will shine once again, for "righteousness exalts a nation."

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