Craig Murray: Assange High Court Ruling & Path Ahead

Written by Consortium News


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  1. boycot any and all UK and US product's and company's… contact your government to reject the war criminal petrol dollar as the worlds currency reserve and demand the embassy's of these war criminal country's to be disbanded!

  2. I'm beyond frustrated and angry about this slow death by process and the complete obliteration of any First Amendment rights we once had. I fear our populace is so uninformed and misinformed, however, that we won't even notice how manipulated, gaslight, and subservient to The Few we've become.

  3. So we appeal to the supreme Court by the 23rd December wait for 6 month of the outcome they can refuse to accept it in which Priti PATELL home Secretary has the final say and makes her decision which will be send assange to the USA or the supreme Court accepts the appeal and makes a decision to bat it back down to the hight Court and assanges legal team can cross appeal so in other words its like a yo yo back and fro back and fro which takes years then there is the European court of human rights to appeal. The bastards I hate the dam lot of them. The elites are ego maniac power crazy none human psychopaths. Poor julian assange.

  4. So this is High Court, huh? Wow. Lord Chief Pointless and his little wig buddies are obviously on far better drugs than I can afford.

    Free, heal and protectively compensate Julian Assange and family! 🍀❤️✊🙏

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