Craig Murray… This is Your Life

Supporters’ homages to the jailed UK journalist & former ambassador

Written by Consortium News


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  1. Another brilliant and heart rending broadcast. Well done to everyone. Great hosting Deepa.
    Craig's plight underlines everything that's wrong and corrupt in our legal system. It's revenge not justice

  2. Consortium News and Craig Murray rock.
    We are in authoritarian / technocratic / totalitarian / tyranny-territory
    Meanwhile, Steele stands by his Dossier.

    Moving the goalposts and shifting the overton window seem to still function as propaganda techniques.

  3. Our men and women of principle, our truth tellers, those who won't stay silent no matter the consequences, are always targets of a corrupt establishment wishing to silence them. All my respect to a man I don't know personally, yet whose writing, online appearances, career, and reputation mean I do know him after all, as the elder statesman and man of principle that he is, one who we cannot do without and who we WILL hear from again in the not too distant future. Great broadcast CN and thanks for organising it Deepa.

  4. 399 views in 24 hours. I am by far the UK's biggest whistleblower, but you will probably never have heard of me. I helped get rid of Rothschilds who have been running the UK since I was born & so the Queen took over for the first time on 23.04.2020. Gordon Brown & Tony Blair have had me locked up over 9/11, Afghanistan, Iraq & VIP UK media & other VIP paedophiles & over the 2007/8 Banking crash. No mention in this video of Desmond Tutu's grandson, Munashe Goromonzi, doing a Julian Assange in the Zimbabwe Embassy London from 5.4.2016 until Annie Machon's mate Belinda McKenzie trafficked him out of the Embassy after 25 days for Theresa May; the boy went through 8 countries before he got back to his home in Zimbabwe. I have been locked up a few times, including for my Brexit challenge.

  5. While this is a wonderful birthday gift for one man, which very much bore making and sending, 2 & 1/2 hours is far too long for the rest of us. Please produce manageable segments after you stream, which we don't have to drop our entire lives to follow.

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