Karen Fann
Maricopa County

Written by Pastor Jay Dee XL


  1. Wow.. why are they plastering all of these tweets now..? Arizona has not released its report yet. Sounds like some people are afraid the truth has been made public. Sounds like they are scared… Mike Lindell's cyber symposium has got a lot of people scared.. What are you afraid of Maricopa? If its all fake.. Why has there been so mant cyber attacks on the Mike Lindell in the 3 day event? Why was Mike Lindell attacked at his Hotel.. ? Abbott already said he supports an audit for Texas..if they vote to do an audit.. The ball is already in motion. Maricopa you can't stop Texas.. "if" they do go ahead with an forensic audit.. If they find there was voting issues in a state that carried Trump. The results will carry weight. Maricopa… this will being more attention back to you..

  2. These devils continue to try to get ahead of the Truth. Everything these liars say is a "fact" about them and the things that they do. Smh. I believe more people know the Truth than these wicked people will ever admit' and that is why they had to cheat so hard to gain their seats; but that is also why they spend so much time creating more lies, to keep their seats.

  3. In the mighty name of Jesus, I declare that no weapon formed against us shall prosper and every tongue that rises against us, we shall condemn in judgement. The wicked will not go unpunished and our God, the True and the Living God will have the final say. I will continue to watch and pray in expectation of a move of God.

  4. MBOS “I didn’t kill that lady by choking her with a shoe string”….
    POLICE “ we got him! We were the only ones that knew about how she got killed, and the murderer!”

    MBOS just that dumb.

  5. You're a GOOD MAN Pastor JAY,, for helping to keep the people informed of the TRUTH…! AMERICA / WE need patriots like Pastor Jay to help keep AMERICA strong and FREE….!

  6. The Board of Supervisors have shown their dirty hands. It is so obvious who is pure and righteous (Fann) and who is dark and evil (Sellers). Good will over come evil. All bets are on Fann to win this battle.

  7. Actually refute can mean to deny the accuracy or truth of a statement. So it can include denial and/or proof. Although proof is not necessary to refute a statement.

  8. "We have consistently refuted falsehoods with facts, and we have made up really good facts. You can't deny our facts, because we will make up more facts to refute you."