Creeping COVID Fascism, Warns UK Host

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#TheJimmyDoreShow is a hilarious and irreverent take on news, politics and culture featuring Jimmy Dore, a professional stand up comedian, author and podcaster. The show is also broadcast on Pacifica Radio Network stations throughout the country.

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THE JIMMY DORE SHOW is a comedy lifeline for people on the left and right (but definitely NOT the center) who are sick of bought politicians and gaslighting corporate journalists manufacturing consent for wars.


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  1. Thanks for getting the word out there with your platform. Like many others I've felt alone in the dark with this walls closing in for months now.
    When you try to explain to people what is happening in the world you're met with scorn and disbelief on how it's impossible that the governments of the world would be doing this to their population, after all they're worried about our health and doing this for our own good.
    Lately more and more have started to question the narrative in the US, but the amount of disbelief and flat out lack of empathy as long as one is not affected by the fascist measures is still stunning and quite frankly horrifying.

  2. Fascism is where corporations and government work together to stifle the workers and hold them down. Big tech, weapons producers, for profit Healthcare, and big pharma own our government at this point. And the federal reserve bank is a bunch of privately owned banks acting like they care about us.

    You know….the thing the liberals kept yelling about for years who now want it and accept it without question.

  3. How can this happen in a liberal "democracy"? That's your problem right there. You don't even know what a democracy looks like. Because you'd know that you actually live in a democratic republic and not a democracy if you had known. In a democracy, you'd have a referendum and that would be law and not simply a strong suggestion for elected "representatives". But indeed even under a democracy, forced and compelled action is lawful. A bill of inalienable rights and your own vigilance are what you should desire if your goal is personal right of choice. Democracy may facilitate your efforts but it does not automatically provide. An old bit of paper does more to protect your rights than you or democracy. Democracy which you don't even have unless you wish to bastardize the definition of democracy.

  4. Quite a lot to unpack here. Firstly, you should be aware of what GBNews is. It isn't really a news outlet, it's modelled on the U.S. Cable news idea, basically a Capitalist Conservative propaganda outfit that sells itself as being a forum for free-speech.
    Neil Oliver is quite well recognised in the UK for doing rather good Archaeology and History programmes, I'm not sure when he decided to get involved in 'journalism' and frankly I wish he hadn't.
    What we are seeing across the Western Democracies as the result of Covid is not fascism at all, it's Capitalism, but characters like Oliver don't want to point that out, or maybe they just cannot compute it because it opens up a can of worms that nobody wants to tackle so, they call it fascism instead.
    When the Austrian Government (which isn't left-wing btw, it's a coalition led by the Centre-right) took the dramatic steps that it did the voluntary vaccination uptake was just not high enough to protect the Countries health infrastructure, new covid cases were already rocketing upward and there was real danger of their health service being swamped and deaths rocketing up also. Since they took those measures they have literally reversed the case curve and the all important 'r' number is now one of the lowest in Europe.
    I do not like the idea of Gov force but when you have a society that does not act like a society, when that society becomes so selfish and bloated with personal freedom to the point that it is in danger of collapsing its own structures, finding agreeable methods of helping to prevent that is near on impossible.
    Wait until the latest Omicron Variant takes hold in the U.S. where vaccination rates, social distancing and mask use is even lower than they were in Austria before making too many judgments.

  5. Theres a few good reasons why everyone should get the vaccinne.
    1) it slows (not stops) transmission rate hobbling the virus. You're less likely to transmit
    2) less viral activity gives the virus less opportunities to roll the dice and win with a new mutation
    3) if you make "your choice" and get really ill is there any choice other for your community than to devote precious resources to your recovery?
    4) the harm/risk equation is a no brainer.
    If you think it's your body your choice…well what about the people you infect…the mutations you incubate..the hospital space you deny other people with other disease…the drain on the economy as you eat money to be kept alive in a hospital with a near completely preventable escalation of disease.
    You're causing harm to others! Thats what laws are for!
    It's 1958 and you're railing against the polio vaccine!

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