CREEPY! Facial Recognition Is EVERYWHERE In China

If you’re worried about Big Brother coming to the United States, then China today should be a cautionary tale. In China facial recognition software dominates the consumer landscape and is used to control retail purchases, dining and any number of other everyday transactions. And it could be on its way to our shores very soon.

Jimmy and The Grayzone’s Max Blumenthal discuss the prevalence of facial recognition in China and the prospect for its arrival in the US.

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  1. Alipay send me a coupon to active this feature and I did, although barely use it afterwards. Socialist government works for people and keeps corporation in check, unlike USA. What's not to like?

  2. As George Harrison once said –

    "Watch out now, take care.

    Beware of soft shoe shufflers.

    Watch out now, take care.

    Beware of greedy leaders.

    They take you where you should not go"

  3. this is true. OK I live in Rumford Maine a little shitty mill town with a paper mill in the center of a valley ,
    Cancer Valley….anywho, the mill in this little town is owned by a Chinese Comp. called 9dragons, they bought the mill a few years back.
    like always they lied saying they was going t bring rumford back up to what it was in the 80s. lol
    Well I believe they own a few companies in America .. and you have to swipe a card and stand in front of a camera to clock in and out. I worked for 3 months for them during that time my job was to tear paper once every hr …. so its not hard, great money. Once you are there for 6 months then its hard to get fired. They let me go in 3 months. Not bitching about that, they can for any reason . And it was because i missed two days in 3 months lol im 47 busted my ass since i was 17, so i guess they dont like it when you do other work instead of stuffing my face or jerking it in a dusty corner. Anyways Im getting off the sub.

    what im saying is this little shit town i was brought up in is being dragged into this face scanning shit already , we are fucked

  4. Jimmy the whole western world does the same shit only they hide it. I'm in Australia and multiple companies here use facial recognition throughout their entire stores, every purchase is tracked through credit and debit cards, all your social media is tracked, that is linked to your payment methods and bank accounts and all that is linked to the tax system. And no matter where in the world you are, multiple governments can see whatever you are doing via satelite. China just doesn't gaslight an entire society into believing its not happening but it's literally the same shit.

    The difference is that the Chinese govt, as a rule, seems to be acting in the interests of its people instead of against them.

  5. Punk Rock 80s makeup will soon be all the vogue. Very easy to thwart facial recognition.
    However when they tie your money to your "idenity" and restrict travel to over reach then YES we all live under FASCISM

  6. Too use the Uber delivery app to make money they do the same thing.
    They say they're trying to make sure it's me. You don't know how much I hate sending them a picture of me when they are fucking me over on delivery rates. Nyc

  7. I hadn't travel for few years since the covid nonsense started and few months ago when i landed at Luton airport in UK i realized the only way to get out the airport is to use one of those machines….there are no people checking your documents anymore

  8. It would be great if this technology was beholden to the people. But it's not. They're global investment firms, with no allegiance to any country's people. The same investment firms that are responsible for unaffordable but highly profitable healthcare, for perpetual war selling weapons of war to all sides going all the way back to the Nazis in ww2, for buying up single family homes across the world to inflate prices and extract rent, corrupting politicians in every country with more money than local populations could ever amass, taking out loans to buy their own stocks instead of saving for a recession because they know their cronies in gov will cover their every loss with taxpayer funds, etc.

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