Creepy Joe Biden Strikes Again

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Creepy Joe Biden Strikes Again

#JoeBiden #CreepyJoe


  1. That child looks nervous in that thumbnail…. similar to the CSPAN videos of Biden from 2009-2016.
    How is a p3d0 president???I always tell folks it isn't the local pimps or perverts funding an entire global sex trafficking ring.

  2. Also, now that we all know the Delta variant is transmissible even for people who've been double vexed and the CDC is requiring masking indoors again, why does the president not have to wear a mask while meeting the public? I thought it was only Trump that didn't believe in science. Lol

  3. Just as CCP trolls/5Cent Army does to protect the CCP from any form of critical and logical criticisms, they use their go to forms of argument: WhatAboutisms. Likewise to the TEE, the Democratic voters and supporter sycophants of Joe Biden always digress to WhatAboutisms.

  4. Lol you have to be insanely stupid, ignorant and politically illiterate to not see that both parties feed off each other, it's one party, the corrupt corporate creep party. Anyone who spouts what-about-ism has no principles, shitlib 100%

    Good vid Jackson ?

  5. Next up: photos of Joe Biden at the Jeffrey Epstein rape Island.

    The neolibs posting pics of Trump creeping his daughter don't realize they're just showing more evidence that ALL the elites are in on the pedo ring power structure. The color of their t-shirt doesn't actually matter– red or blue. Their only purpose is that the law on their side and not YOU.

  6. This is wrong on so many levels. Hello COVID, keep your face hole out of other people's personal space. At least until they're old enough for the vaccine.

  7. He does the waist thing. No escape. It's like he's thinking… 'come here, little one. Bring me your proto-womb. I want that to be the closest thing to me' Waist hooked, like a fucking shepherd with his crook. Mental.

  8. and WHY are the children forced to cover their faces?! Oh, right, we know…'cause satanists are in charge of the world, and they want to servitude for all. what a hypocritical, immoral world we live in! it has to change!