CRINGE ALERT! Joe Biden Creates a Ministry of Truth And Puts a Hall Monitor in Charge

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  1. Free speech is an absolute, except in accordance with laws. That is the purpose of laws and that is why we have separation of powers to make, enforce and adjudicate laws.

  2. At screen left, your plants are placed so that they look like an extension of the tail feathers of the bird on your wall hanging. Was that deliberate, or just a happy coincidence? Either way, the arrangement is very pleasing.

  3. Well, the bible warned us that very bad things will happen during the end times. So, fasten your seatbelts everyone and prepare for the second coming of Christ.

  4. Styx, I must say, you have a fantastic understanding of the law. I'm a law student, so not exactly a genius on the topic, but whenever you comment on legal aspects of an issue you not only get it right but explain it in a very easily-understandable way. (In this case, that spam isn't free speech AND robots don't have free speech.)

  5. This is where the line ought to be drawn in the sand for Americans. A lot of talk about the woman that is to be appointed to head the Ministry of Truth (functionally it is just like the orwellian one) is counterproductive. She is irrelevant. NO ONE WOULD BE WISE ENOUGH FOR THAT TYPE OF POSITION!

    We must not let that agency be developed. Every single American can just stop what they're doing for however many days it takes to let the government know we will not allow that. No clerks need to go into work at the convenience store or the grocery store or the hardware store or the pharmacy. Truck drivers must not drive a single inch. Every single one of us should just refuse to do anything until we change the government's mind about this. If we don't do that it'll probably turn into civil war because this can't be allowed. A government agency must never be able to define and enforce what can be said and what can't be said.

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