Critical Drinker: How Politics Ruined Hollywood

The Critical Drinker, aka Will Jordan, is YouTube a movie critic. Check out his channel at

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  1. The constant bombardment of politics in modern movies has almost destroyed my love for film – I rarely watch newer movies. If you want/need to see a strong female character in a film, go watch Misery godamn it!

  2. BlackRock own 114.6million shares in Disney. The 'woke' ESG agenda pushed by that company ties to the WEF & ultimately the CCP. It has a purpose and it isn't a good one. Please recognise the stuff being complained about in this video is part of something much bigger & more dangerous than ruining beloved IPs.

  3. Been following both channels for ages now and really appreciate both. You know there were bigger things discussed but my main issue was the criticism of Predator 2. I think it’s a great sequel, fresh characters make for a fresh story. It’s not just a rehash of the first. It adds to the universe but doesn’t go off on a wild tangent to stay interesting. It shows it’s own ambitions without stealing from the first one’s success.

  4. Watch 'Casablanca'. Its a wonderful story but it is in essence a propaganda film. Very well done of course, inspirational, even shows some of the dark side of men, but the storyline carries the film and the propaganda is the seamless backdrop.

  5. The great Critical Drinker, bane of the talentless & mindnumbing boring woke Hollyweird writers/activists who don't care about escapism and entertainment but only care about (here we go 🙂 "The Message !"

  6. As amazing as the Drinker is at reviewing films, etc., he glossed over woke films like The Force Awakens, the female Ghostbusters, etc. were made before Trump. Trump was the reaction to woke, not its cause. The reaction might have spurred on some additional wokeness, but it was gonna come hard anyway.

  7. I wanna scream right now! Can't believe you guys finally got the Critical Drinker on the show!! Pls tell him I am a huge fan of his YouTube channel and I always have a good laugh watching his movie reviews. Keep up the good work, you guys and he!

  8. I was a little bit disappointed that the Drinker didn't push back on the idea that controversial films can't be made anymore. They can and they are. Just look at Titane last year, a controversial body horror film about a female serial killer that gets impregnated by a car and then attempts a self-abortion. The problem isn't that creative, bold, daring, or controversial arthouse films aren't being made anymore, because they are (The Witch by Robert Eggers by A24 is broadly the equivalent of Reservoir Dogs by Quentin Tarantino by Miramax i.e. unknown first-time director, controversial film, small film studio), the problem is that mainstream franchises and legacy characters are being ruined by woke ideology being enforced upon the likes of Star Wars, Bond, Star Trek, Dr Who etc.

  9. I think you're mixing two things here, A) Leftism, and B) nihilism. The nihilist, modern realism has been around since Ibsen and big in film and stage. The overt, ham-handed, propaganda-style Leftism, however, is fairly new. But together they're a real perfect storm of fecal matter, indeed.

  10. We no longer have actors and movie stars. We have ubiquitous celebrities on Twitter and Instagram. There's no mystique. We know all their opinions on all things. Before they might go on Johnny Carson for a ten-minute interview, or there'd be article in Life Magazine. Now we can't escape them.

  11. The Critical Drinker is the absolute dude. His reviews are spot on and hilarious, highly recommend giving him a follow. Thanks to my fellow Trigger-bigots for getting him on the show. 👍

  12. The one consolation prize of all the post modern deconstruction of character archetypes in movies is knowing how much post modernists would hate them. A machine cranking out an ever increasing supply of soulless movies for profit, it's kind of hilarious

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