Critical Race Theory is Driving Britain Mad

The institutions of Britain seem to be completely in thrall to intersectional social justice and this has caused the creation of a “race council” in Wales and Sainsbury’s supermarket to create racially-segregated spaces.

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  1. Only upper management gives a shit about any of this. The managers in shop care more about the day-to-day of workers shirking & things getting out to where customers can put them in their trolleys. All of this crap is some marketing ploy just like Gillette & Nike have played over the past couple of years. Completely trying to ride a trend or avoiding being on the business-end of a boycott or bad publicity. Let's not be so silly as to believe they actually understand BLM or any of their commie ilk.

  2. As a Welshman, this is more reasons why the Welsh Assembly shouldn't exist, we already have councillors and MP's. Don't see what Mark Drakeford did will benefit Wales

  3. ITV News this evening where pushing everything about race because "black history month" umpteen adverts about it after too, it's become as bad as the BBC… they where also interviewing Far Left Democrats in the US because Trump is in hospital and all they could talk about was "race rhetoric" and "white supremacy" that Trump supposedly has caused, like wtaf, it's going too far!

  4. No UK history is not even close to Black History.
    UK history is White History

    Liberal leftist are obsessed with race, it has driven them borderline insane.
    I could imagine moving to Whales, i would feel more at peace there as a white male.

  5. If you put on an event or celebrate something that is required to come with a separate qualifier applied to it than Welsh, then it is not Welsh. If you have a Caribbean Art Festival, it’s by definition Caribbean, not Welsh.

  6. The hypocrisy is amazing, the majority shareholders are the Qatari Royal Family, undemocratic dictators of a country where women are treated as 2nd class citizens & immigrant workers are literally worked to death

  7. It's so incredible that the term "double-think" or "double-speak" isn't more pointed to. Feminists are the true sexists, so called equity policies are discriminatory based on race, and government programs are following suit. Why? Control. As always, the people in control want more control.