Critics Of Covid Policy Are Not Anti-Vaxx

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DISCLAIMER: The views shared in this video regarding COVID vaccines, treatments, or administrative techniques may conflict with health authorities.

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THE JIMMY DORE SHOW is a comedy lifeline for people on the left and right (but definitely NOT the center) who are sick of bought politicians and gaslighting corporate journalists manufacturing consent for wars.


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  1. In March 2020 I told a friend who is older that I acknowledged his uncertainty and fear but the social, economic, and political upheaval that will follow will kill more people that the virus will. Also, I contended politicians aren’t sworn into office to be our protectors. They are supposed to protect and defend our liberties granted by the constitution. Governments are instituted among men to secure these rights. It has been frustrating watching people cower in a corner whilst wetting themselves.

  2. What Jimbo Doreknob doesn’t seem to realize is that he’s actually making a good argument for the mask mandate. I hope he doesn’t kick himself too hard when he figures that out.

  3. So what about people like Joe Rohan who had that remarkable recovery through using therapeutics. Are you saying he is still likely to get reinfected as well as all those millions in other countries who have been successfully using therapeutics??

  4. Yes, Jimmy, you are correct, most of us will get the bioweapon Dr. Fauci propagated; thus he and others involved should be thrown in the dungeon! The CDC very recently came out with statistics: 98% of CoV death cases had preexisting comorbidities (2-10). I'll try to copy it and paste.

  5. There is no loss of virtue in being anti-vax. …Being anti-mandate is evidence of some virtue.
    ..Natural Immunity has always been the superior prophylaxes and protection utilizing the body's natural defenses as designed.

  6. Right on Jimmy! Prinicpled ! Thank you for appealing to reason instead of passion! There should be no mandates for vaccines that are so leaky, it doesnt't significantly reduce R-value! I would support Mandates if vaccines were not so leaky. However, you are making a stronger libertarian statement statement: No vaccine mandate period (its too authoritarian). I support temporary authoritarianism. the norm is libertarianism.

    **I understand the “company” and/or “institution” that I work for, (insert name of company and/or institution), is demanding of me and requiring of me, that in order to keep my job, I must receive the covid vaccine. If I proceed with this getting vaccinated, to keep my job, I will do it under duress, against my US Constitutional First Right Amendment Right (and against my Religions Convictions [if applies]). Should any illness in any way, shape, or form, come to me after this employment required vaccination, I must for the welfare of myself,(and my family [if applies]), hold this “company” and/or “institution” responsible. So, I require a representative from this company and/or institution to sign this letter.

  8. Jimmy – quick correction, "Normal people get the Flu Virus twice a decade." This is absolutely false and there is no legitimate way that "Science" could ever determine this as true. Sorry, but as for the rest of what you are saying, thank you for standing for this truth.

  9. In that clip where Fauci says there wouldn't be vaccine mandates. We know Fauci is a compulsive liar & after all the videos of him contracting himself over mask efficacy & heard immunity, he's gotten very careful to use slippery lawyer speak to continue lying but less directly. When he says "at least I don't think…" every time I see that clip my gut screams out "BS" he knew during that interview that mandates had always been apart of this plan. It even fits his justification for lying all the other times, where he intentionally withheld the Science & Data bc he thought the public couldn't handle it. & he thinks it's up to him to coax the public into thinking things aren't so bad & they have it under control (when things & our corrupted "leadership" is actually much worse than most ppl realize). So we keep moving forward oblivious of what Fauci & terrible leadership has in store for us

  10. The NHS in England is going to mandate the covid & flu vaccine April 22 for all NHS Staff. I have done my NHS job for 21 years. I will not be having the jabs. So that means I will loose my job, which I am good at & love to do. The covid vaccination doesn’t protect you from catching it spreading it may only lesson symptoms if you get it. I have had covid & it felt like a bad cold/mild flu. I will not comply with this government tyranny.🤬

  11. I just haven't trusted anything the government or big pharma have said since day one therefore I refuse the vaccine. Now I have friends that want me to lose my job and be prevented from entering a grocery store because they feel it should be mandatory. I have no opinion about people getting vaccinated, but why do the vaccinated care so much?

  12. People talk about anti-vaxxers like we're mentally deranged. If you've been vaccine-injured or watched it happen to a loved one, you become an anti-vaxxer. It's just that simple.

    If you study how vaccines are made, you realize that they're quite insane.

  13. But vaccination cuts hospitalization , that gives more space for the folks with heart issues , cancer, etc. We have limited beds in our for profit healthcare system. I agree vaccine is not the panacea Big Pharma claims it is. Dr. John Campbell thinks there should be more emphasis on theraputics, which cuts suffering, and length of systemic disease.

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