Cross Sectional Studies FAIL For LONG COVID | Amazing new Lancet Paper!

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  1. I had long covid and it took me 6-8 months to overcome. The covid had re- activated the ebv virus which has activated before as a result of serious virus. Long covid is very real, but so are vaccine injuries, and so is the stress and side effects of lock down and work from home and everything else. I believe many people like myself were desperate for a cure for covid we blindly accepted that vaccines and lockdown were safe and necessary without evidence. I hope we will continue to examinevlong covid do that it can help patients with other Post viral illness like cfs/ me.

  2. It's hard to overstate how poorly Dr. Prasad interpreted the results of this (good) work. Among many other flaws, he overstates the certainty of his own takeaways. I will say this, though, that he is correct that longitudinal data do help in providing insights that cross-sectional data cannot.

  3. I wouldn’t have put much thought into Psychosomatic symptoms prior to 2020. But now especially seeing the amount of young people developing disabling tics from watching tik Tok it’s very obvious our brains can play a huge role in symptoms especially when we are being told only one narrative. I used to watch a lot of tv but I could tell it in 2020 it wasn’t healthy tp consume that same fear information over and over so I turned my tv off.
    We live in a time where we can block out all other points. Going overboard on any type of media clearly affects or brains in detrimental ways

  4. Keep in mind how this scum pushed the lies on you and was unwilling to look at the studies to collect more money than he ever made in his life. Now he's pretending he was right all along. This is what government gives you for a doctor.

  5. when you lrearn to accept that only the narrative matters, you may become better Doctor…

    until then, I would suggest that you take a leaf out of Twitter's book…

    what ?.. Twitter have cancelled their 'misinformation' indoctrination program… well, then you better take some CPD to learn the new narrative ?..

  6. I’ve had long Covid for almost a year and a half.
    It DOES get better for most people but unfortunately it doesn’t get 100% better.
    I still react to all sorts of food, the fatigue is different than any I’ve ever had cause it’s like the life has been sucked out of me as if my gas tank is completely empty. My body tingles and vibrates and I get pins and needles and cold spots and weird pains. I get tremors and it’s hard to do things like play guitar because of it. I get bad brain fog and feel completely numb sometimes like u could break into my house and take whatever u want and I would just roll over.
    The symptoms go on and on but I do have periods where I feel better and then bam im bombarded with symptoms again, some of them more severe or less severe, and I feel like I’m sta
    Overall tho things have gotten better because a year ago I didn’t leave bed for months. I cooked every meal ever single day before Covid and after I was ordering food one meal per day at night and I reacted to everything with palpitations and ringing in ears and feeling horrible.
    I just had a flare up for about 6 weeks and now I’m back to doing light weight training. It’s so weird how things can come and go like this.
    I’ve noticed a lot of changes in my body and feel like I’ve aged 20 years.
    I really hope this continues to get better and better but a lot of people are in my situation where they reach a certain point in improvement and that’s it.

  7. Please be sure to add the link to the actual paper/study/source to the description when discussing these things.

    I share your videos with a diverse group of people and it is very helpful to have the link on the video when debating.

    There is an entire group of people with their head in the sand who will dismiss any youtube video in order to protect their static conclusions. Having the paper link, not only saves me time, but increases the credibility of your discussions.

  8. I think this video is sort of medically gaslighting people. Drs and the CDC have been doing this to lyme disease patients for nearly 50 years. They say all you need is a couple weeks antibiotics and you're good….if you're still sick then it must be something else they say…can't possibly be lyme. They love to tell patients with difficult illnesses that its just all psychological. Its all BS. The IDSA knows darn well these are bio weapons that are released, and if you still have ongoing symptoms, you still have an active infection.

  9. Short term effects from the Vax are first observed at 3-5 years. Mid term, 5-10, 10+ long term.

    We don't even know the damage done by the Vax. Arguments of 'nothing has happened yet among millions'… take a look at medical testing. There's a reason it's monitored

  10. Too much emphasis on emotional and psychological factors, of course it's from psychiatrists, pseudoscience at its best, and then it's weaponized. I hate stupidity and politics so much…

  11. The Australian Medical Association has just labelled our politicians cowards and are saying we have to mask up and 1 million Australians could potentially suffer Long Covid. Long Vaccine more like.

  12. Isn't smell and taste loss optional? Everyone in my office has tested positive at least a couple of times now, but less than half have had the taste and smell edition…

  13. As this study is about Children and Young People, I don't see how the clickbait title ("long COVID narrative"? "being destroyed"?? really~~) is not in accord for the findings at all. Downvoted. Although thank you for the heads-up.

  14. It could entirely be reactivated herpesviruses causing long covid. Herpes isn't a bengin skin disease like Pharma wants u to believe. It's their secret cash cow. Chickens have had multiple herpes vaccines since 1960 and humans none. Hmmm… Do some research and look for links to every idiopathic and even other diseases to herpes. Your mind will be blown. It seems herpes, attracted to injury and stress outside the body does the same inside the body. Finds that weak link by traveling from the nerve ganglia where these viruses reside through the nerves to the place of irritation and cause more inflammation, a positive feedback loop. Inflammation from say, whiplash causes herpes to go to that area and cause more inflammation which causes more inflammation and the cycle goes on until you have a chronic condition like degenerative disc disease in healthy 20 somethings. Yes, they found herpes in degenerated vertebral discs. They find it EVERYWHERE they look. Gut tissue in people with IBS and Fibromyalgia. Look up Dr. Pridgens studies and tx on this. Funny these people with major breakthroughs always lose funding. You're not allowed to study herpes. I heard a neurologist say on TWIV that they weren't allowed to study the link between herpes and Alzhiemers when they know it plays a pivotal role. And oh by the way Pfizer's off patent anti-inflammatory arthritis drug Enbrel halts the progression of Alzheimer’s. They covered it up. Because of stockholders and they didn't want to pay for the studies and quickly came out with a whole new drug that doesn't even work. Failed.
    The amyloid plaque data has been based on falsified data. Someone manipulated the images in their studies. I would bet that amyloid plaques are actually a protective mechanism. An internal scar. Multiple things cause these plaques. I think they are an internal scar as a result of inflammation. Herpes inflammation. Breaking up the plaques might make it worse.

  15. I truly have a problem with all pediatricians advising parents to give Tylenol or any other fever suppressing drug to kids once they start having fever! It’s outrageous and is not in the interest of kids’ health. It’s only in the interest of parents not having to deal with a cranky kid. We know the most optimal temp to have efficient immune response is ca 39 Deg Celsius! Knowing there are no working therapies a proper undisrupted immune responses should be a primary advice! fever is a great indicator how things are going! I wouldn’t be surprised if most hospitalized kids were loaded with fever suppressants at the start of infection…

  16. Glad to see the people are aware of what the fuck is going on. Personally I think it's depopulation through Agenda 2030; the path full of planned pandemics, food shortages, cyber attacks, and "natural" disasters.

    Thanks, Klaus Schwaub. You vill eat ze bugz und you vill be happy.

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