Crowd time-lapse from the protest against the permanent pandemic legislation in Melbourne – 27.11.21

Crowd time-lapse from the protest against the permanent pandemic legislation in Melbourne, Australia. 27.11.21

I feel like each time I do this it takes longer to get through the crowd!

Mainstream media are estimating low numbers that don’t match the turnouts this week and last and the ABC/Age are running articles on how numbers are calculated and why people should be skeptical, both attempts at downplaying these protests should be an indication that numbers are massive.

Written by Real Rukshan


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  1. Thank you Rukshan for capturing yet again the true spirit of Melbourne standing for our freedoms with all our brothers and sisters throughout this Great Southern Land of ours. We will not give up, we will not surrender, we will not lose!

  2. I watched yr video..i cryed and cryed and cryed.. ordinary people like me..not neo nazis, fascist or militants..people like me..i had the vaxx.felt pressured now im safe or unsafe..who knows? but i still feel the angst..

  3. Sorry guys I couldn't make this weekend, had family commitments. I'm in awe of what is happening. Every journey starts with a single step and I think now we have a stampede. Daniel Andrews has and continues to treat us like rodents but we have become the mice that roared. 🇦🇺

  4. 587 seconds x 35 people per second of footage puts it at around 20,000 by a rough and short handed estimate and that is just those that are in attendance not even counting those at home.

    (Edit) after a few watches easily 100k, surely pushing 120k

  5. This sends a very clear message to the corrupt politicians giving away our sovereignty to the corrupt self appointed UN, corrupt bureaucrats and fake news MSM. Their time is up!

  6. Seeing this demo it’s broke my heart … protest against future of safest world … is it so damn hard unable to be together with friends and family in month or two ??? … are they not happy with their freedom and good life ?? … have a sympathy for others … see in South America million of people fighting for their life to live …

  7. "Violent nutjob extremists"……..Dan Andrews 2021.
    I think you would find more violent nutjob extremists in Dans shaving mirror than in this crowd.

  8. Real Rukshan this video made me weep …. for the first time in decades I saw Melbourne city come alive with real people, real people smiles in as many sunny days in Melbourne … a memory worth keeping. Bravo Melbourne you make us all Australians proud. Thank you Real Rukshan.

  9. Spent 10 minutes looking for myself, but I think I was too far off to the side. I think I spotted my mate's merchant navy flag, but there were so many.

    So many nice, normal people there. I chatted with a bunch of different people of all ages and backgrounds, saw so many flags and a lot of people handing out pamphlets calling for action against the CCP for its human rights violations.

    The atmosphere was so great, felt like a music festival.

  10. These Rich Globalist Elites and their puppets Governments are destroying the World and their agenda is to exterminate most of the World’s human race……. So humans stand together against this evil agenda to save your Countries and save your life and your children lives…..These attacks were all planned out ahead of time …….. Fight or die………. Destroy these Rich Globalist Elites and Globalist Politicians Agendas …… Destroy and stop their agendas to exterminate us all Watch for these Globalist Elites High Tech Companies Owners they are part of this Globalist take over to destroy you with their evil point plan Systems like they did in China and they are killing off the China People…..Stand together do not let these monsters criminals traitors destroy us all …….. These Rich Globalist plans are to keep us divided and cause chaos, confusion, division, push lies , hate and violence do not fall for their plan ….. Stand together to destroy their plans …….

  11. OMG!!! WOW!!! I can not believe how many people showed up at the Melbourne Freedom rally. Real people against mandatory vaccines, you are all true freedom fighting hero's!!! Thank you and God Bless you all!!!

  12. Thanks for the video footage and it’s very encouraging to see this many people on the streets and a truly diverse cross section of the greater community but I’m not convinced if a million people marched that it will make any difference ,
    We will see but I’m very skeptical that anything will change ,
    What I do believe will happen is that facial re ignition will be used to identify all of those in these protests and everyone of them will be in a database as subversives , I know that’s quite paranoid , but it has happened before .

  13. I challenge the MSM to do what Rukshan is doing, filming in the heart of the protestors and see,feel and live the sentiment against them in their complicit incompetence.

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