Crowd Time-lapse – Protest against the permanent pandemic legislation

Crowd time-lapse from the protest against the permanent pandemic legislation in Melbourne, Australia. 06.11.21

For anyone interested in more content like this I’ve setup a new YouTube Channel at Real Press Media for videos that wouldn’t be shown in their entirety in my highlights videos :

Written by Real Rukshan


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  1. Awesome but….I go to the city and all I see is immigrants, I go to a protest rally and all I see are white Australians. Come on guys, this is your new home/life now……help defend it too please.

  2. It was really funny because before I saw Ruks i heard the crowd all cheering firstly but couldn’t see what they were all cheering about!! Then low and behold the crowd opened up and Ruks is right in front of me with his 🎥 👌🏽
    Mate it was meant to be 😂💪🏽😎 Glad i wore my lucky sunnies 💪🏽 thanks for the 2.01 secs of fame 😘

  3. Real Rukshan thank you for reporting for the people and telling the truth. You are the peoples reporter. Much respect for your hours of work and dedication to this crisis. We the people thank you :)))

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