CrowdStrike one of Russiagate’s ‘biggest culprits’: ex-House investigator

Pushback with Aaron Maté
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As a top investigator on the House Intelligence Committee, Kash Patel helped uncover the Clinton campaign’s funding of the Steele dossier and the FBI’s extensive and deceptive reliance on it.

Patel joins Aaron Maté to discuss Steele’s new attempt to defend his discredited work via a softball interview with ABC News.

Patel also addresses the key role of newly indicted Clinton lawyer Michael Sussmann in hiring and overseeing another heavily influential Clinton campaign contractor, CrowdStrike, the cyber-firm behind the foundational allegation that Russia hacked the DNC.

“CrowdStrike is one of the biggest culprits of the Russia fraud,” Patel says. “For some reason, for the only time in FBI history that I can think of, they allowed an outside non-government entity to referee. That is, to go in and seize the servers of a target of an investigation and let a third party, CrowdStrike, referee what the FBI could and could not have access to.”

Guest: Kash Patel. Former senior government official in the Trump administration. Previously, Patel served as a top investigator on the GOP-led House Intelligence Committee, where he was instrumental in exposing US intelligence misconduct in the Trump-Russia investigation. Also served as a national security official in the Obama-era Justice Department and Pentagon.

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  1. Maybe I am going to be a little TRUCULENT here but I am pretty sure the people who watch this channel is going to put me in my PLACE for being so RUDE…BUT WHY people wast time trying to prove if is the clinton's, the bush's,the einsenhower's or whom ever…shouldn't we REJECTE every thing desregard of russiagate, watergate, or WHATEVER GATE…I mean the US was created because europens could NOT creat a SUPER EMPIRE because they all live in 10foot squere contries with differente traditions, languages and so on so creating america sudenlly there was no germans and britons and italians, etc. There would only be AMERICANS. So every single american institution was create to be EMPIRE! You8 don't believe me???The US got it's independence on the 4th of july 1776, in 1792..less than 16 yers after independence the WHITE HOUSE was created using Neoclassical architecture.which is the fancy name for ROMAN EMPIRE architecture. So Please…spare me the bullshit of UNCOVERING lies and schimes of grandure..IT IS ALL a lie to serve whatevr the empire wants acomplished. No matter which side is im power.

  2. I'm so glad Aaron exists, but we all know this isn't even going to effect the coverage of a channel like Democracy Now, and I just had comments deleted on that channel for mentioning the title of a Grayzone article.

  3. The work Aaron has been doing on Russia gate and Syria both are so important for many reasons one of which is once you realize the truth you can't see the world the same and will forever be a sceptic of the mainstream narrative.

  4. The FBI didn't do their investigation of the democratic party servers because the Democratic party would not allow them to have the servers. They actually destroyed the servers rather than turn them over to the department of Homeland security or the FBI despite claiming the Russian interference was equal to Pearl harbor in importance… ABSOLUTE DESPICABLE LIARS FROM THE GET-GO.