CRT Cultists Admit Using Covert Activists & Radicals as Teachers & Martyrs for the Cause

They know they don’t need to hide their plans anymore. Critical Race Theory cultists are waaay to comfortable talking about sacrificing pawns for their cause.
Story courtesy of @Mythinformed MKE.

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  1. I don't understand what they get out of this! Do they get money or position? I don't understand why they do this! Do their lifes lack substance? Are they naive in their beliefs? It's clear that they are filled with hate but what drives them? Maybe it is a mental illness! I didn't understand what drove my ex-husband until I learned all I could about narcissism!!!! It didn't matter if anything was correct or false, if it made him feel good, he did it!!!! My brain is incapable of thinking on that level, or sublevel!!!!

  2. fuck that so glad I graduated right before this bs, I definitely woulda get expelled for expressing my opinion unfiltered at my school

  3. I've come to the conclusion that these folks are just the most miserable mf's on the planet with no real skills or talents…they latch onto ideals because they are bored af with their own lives

  4. A few years back before the pandemic, I got to talk to a young American who was sent here by her parents to study in college.
    At the time I could not understand why her parents would send her to live and study in a third world country.
    Now I understand why.

  5. My kids will never enter a state run school. If when they are older and choose to go to college fair enough but by then they will be mature and stable enough to push back against any of these freaks. They aren't getting their hands on them as kids though.

  6. Cos playing that you’re saving the world. I’m sure it’s a great distraction from the fact that you continually fail at your actual objective of teaching math, science, literature, history, etc. Maybe if you did your real job well, you wouldn’t have to f’ing feel guilty that you fail these kids every single day they’re in your classroom and there’d be much less need for “activism.” Do your job and give kids the tools they need to find a fulfilling career. Losers.

  7. These people shouldn't be allowed near anyone's children. They are among the worst our society has to offer and your children shouldn't be exposed to them.

  8. We also need to start thinking when it has been quite enough of some people. Kids already feel unsafe in school thanks to these lunatics. I did not graduate that long ago, it has been like 6 years and even then you would trow your entire future in the dumster if you really said what everyone is thinking, to put it into perspective our statistics teacher was telling us how "Straight people are boring to her and how much more creative and interesting gay people are". What do you think would happen if someone spoke out about her? Yea there is like 5% chance some media will pick it up but the result will be 0, you will still get expeled or in the very least the teacher will fail you on purpouse and you will have to go trough a very complicated process of trying to get someone else to grade you. These people can burn in hell for all I care, damn right people will get violent if this keeps going.

  9. ……..
    democratic extremism now is as fervent as republican extremism
    ….the only difference is that one doesn't give a shit about the process and does it, while the other breaks the process and blames the other for it

  10. There's a difference between having a conversation with someone and indoctrinating someone.
    They most definitely are not having a conversation in any way, so they can't call it 'censorship' (as ironic as it is when they complain about censorship and deplatforming in any way when they are the reason it's so fucking bad).