Crushing US sanctions devastate Syria’s people and post-war reconstruction

Pushback with Aaron Maté

In a new article for Foreign Affairs, scholar Joshua Landis and former Obama administration official Steve Simon write that US sanctions on Syria “further immiserates the Syrian people, blocks reconstruction efforts, and strangles the economy that sustains a desperate population during Syria’s growing humanitarian and public health crises.” Landis, a leading expert on Syria, joins Pushback.

Guest: Joshua Landis, Sandra Mackey Professor of Middle East Studies at the University of Oklahoma.
“The Pointless Cruelty of Trump’s New Syria Sanctions”

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  1. Kurdistan is a horrible idea. ???
    Creation of a so-called Kurdistan would be the second biggest catastrophe in the Middle East after the creation of Israel.

    The empire is using the same (1) victimhood narrative and (2) socialist utopia narrative on behalf of the Kurds as it did during the early stages and creation of the state of Israel. The parallels are striking. Many people fell for these pro-Israeli narratives over half a century ago, including Noam Chomsky. After Israel was created, however, it was too late. Israel is today only a satellite state, run and maintained purely on behalf of the USA. The same goes for a so-called Kurdistan. The idea is backed by empire and if it were to be created, God forbid, it would be purely backed by Empire too, an imperial satellite state, more like a de-facto colony, wreaking havoc in the region.

    Don't fall for it.

    Kurdistan has never existed on the map in human history to my knowledge. Armenia has, but not Kurdistan. The areas where the Kurds live today used to be inhabited by Armenians. The Kurds helped to kill many of the Armenians on behalf of the Ottoman government in return for a promise to settle in the evacuated lands. Kurds are historically a nomadic people. Sort of like bedouins are nomadic Arabs, Kurds are nomadic farsis, nomadic people with Persian roots. They only settled in the region after the Ottoman government decided to give them the lands taken from the Armenians. Anyways it is too late for them to form a nation state now. That train has left a long time ago. They should've done so a hundred years ago, if they really wanted.

  2. Kards started the whole issue in syria other wise syria and syrians were doing ok. Kards are not good they are isreali stuges. Kards rebeled against there government which under Islamic law is tryson which is punishable by death. No muslim in a muslim state can raise there weapons in the muslim government. This is the act ALLAH HATE

  3. In the course of its own collapse, the United States will impoverish half the rest of the world. If ever love taught us a greater lesson about money …

  4. beyond the criticism and compliments, entire countries have been destroyed in the last twenty years, and in all the cases (from Iraq to Afghanistan, to Yemen, Libya, Syria, Lebanon, Iran, and Palestine) the hiding hand of the ISRAELI REGIME is present. But it is so curious how frequently this major issue is always denied to the public. The fact that it is not the United States that wanted to destroyed the Middle East but ISRAEL. It is not in the interest of the U.S. to send its soldiers to die in these pointless wars if not for the CORRU POLITICIANS IN WASHINGTON THAT SWORE TO PROTECT AND DEFEND ISRAEL BEFORE THEY GOT INTO OFFICE (most if not all American politicians go to AIPAC) !! All the money the government sends to ISRAEL (although millions of Americans are living in the streets of the country without shelter, food, health care) nobody discusses the reason why those billions and trillions of dollars are invested in a foreign country? But it's not just money but also the United States shields ISRAEL paying its enemies (Jordan, Egypt) to make peace with it. Now after almost a decade of a dirty war against Syria, this American Professor (Joshua Landis) pointed out the reason why President Assad was punished (a bloody war, a jihadi invasion, sanctions, starving the whole Syrian population to death) ISRAEL was the reason of the destruction of Syria!!! Even today crippling sanctions are been imposed against Israel's enemies (Iran one of them) in order to protect this tiny country that is not of any strategic interest to the U.S. There are many questions related to this strange relationship between the United States and Israel that the politicians in Washington should answer to the American people, don't you think??

  5. stop blaming "Israel makes us do this", ENOUGH with the "good intentions gone wrong" and enough with "Assad is Satan incarnate" watch this and subscribe to Phil Taylor's Taylor Report, true anti-imperialist who invites on other true anti-imperialists, Joshua Landis wants both to be anti-war while still audition for the Intercept, or Democracy Now or some other pseudo-leftist publication

  6. Does anybody know what is international law? And do they know when it is going to apply for WAR criminal country and the politicians? Cos if Not then, they can sove that law & justic in their own ASS

  7. Virtually zero American people support this nonsense. Any justification for these policies are completely top secret classified, because I suspect the policies are not backed by any shred of real reasoning that would stand up to criticism. All the American People get by way of justifications are empty assertions by buffoons and, frankly, monsters.

  8. I don't think he realizes but… Joshua might want to talk about people in other countries more like they're people than they are American geopolitical interests.
    But hey. At this point the more rational way to cope with this is to understand that he's White.

  9. No one who is really an "expert" on the ME would pronunce the same AssAD like ASSad… sounds like he has ben schmoozing with John Kerry and no ONE world about israHELL… FAKE EXPERT…

  10. Yet 99% of the conversation is about 'immigration'
    The right sees them as a problem. And the left wants to save them.
    Yet both deny what made them leave their countries.
    That's why they're called immigrants, to deny the link with the MIC.
    Anyone calling refugees immigrants is not an ally.

  11. So you think even without sanctions that the Syrian government would be rushing to the peoples aid to rebuild their homes (that they blew up) and to fill their bellys? Yea right the point of the sanctions is to directly affect the government of Syria to prevent spending in certain areas like arms trade and other things that DONT BENEFIT THE PEOPLE the whole reason this shlt started in the first place was because the people were tired of the government and were attacked when they protested people need to stop being followers and retards like if America doesn't send troops to help America isn't doing anything to help then if America sends troops its causing the situation to get worse no matter what President America has no matter what America does people like you will take to the internet to bltch and complain blah blah blah crying like a little fetus one day America is gonna say you know what f8ck all this shlt and just cut all the countrys like this right off and let them sort everything out so if they did that now and their were no sanctions the Syrian government would just take all its funds and buy up more military equipment to further oppress and bomb the Syrian people you dick heads act like America is like "Oh yea im gonna put down all these sanctions and watch all the Syrian people starve like a bunch of f8cking Ethiopians" you morons theyve been starving for 9 years straight now theyve had no homes for 9 years straight now ni rebuilding has start at in FOR 9 YEARS STRAIGHT NOW and the war is no where near over turkey is now moving in Russia is constantly f8cking around there so you f8cking tell me how you are saying they were gonna start the rebuilding process im really curious i guarantee if you talked like this to an actual suffering Syrian right now they would tell you to get bent and then kill you and eat you because they have been STARVING FOR 9 YEARS STRAIGHT