Cruz DEMOLISHES Biden After Disturbing Evidence Of Human Trafficking Is Found At The Border

These cartels are sick.

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Written by Dinesh D'Souza


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  1. Where those who have bought and paid for access to Europe,England,Australia,New Zealand and now the US came from, is a veritable mosaic of nations,over 100 in fact. No refugees amongst them,no starving Mexicans,just people who think the US will be the land of hope for them,but the future is already visible in France,England,Sweden and more nations where they have been arriving in the last 6 years.
    The old saying has it right, Gold is the money of the Kings,
    Silver is the Money of the Gentry,
    Cash is the money of the peasants
    And Debt is the money of the Slaves.

  2. Gov. Abbott is right to send the migrants to DC. He should bus them to Democrat-run cities as well. Until it’s their problem, they don’t think problems exist with their policies.

  3. " Drive your liberal friends crazy" I can't think of a dumber idea at this point in history! Until we figure out its not red v blue left v right but US (working class) V THEM (ruling class) we are doing the most important task of the ruling class for them. Divided we are weak. UNITED we are UNSTOPPABLE. Can we quit trying to drive each other crazy and focus on what matters please?

  4. Got a news flash for those who haven't lived in countries outside the USA, Human Trafficking (Slave Industry) is global. I've been offered young girls for less than a $1000 in South America and in the Middle East. It's an evil that is global and thriving.

  5. Mr. Cruz it doesn’t matter our country is gone. No one is coming to save them children nobody’s coming to save us. We r doomed. Doesn’t seem like we can do much about it.

  6. Is there any possibility that Cruz REALLY believes what he's saying?

    If Cruz REALLY believes what he says then he'll certainly do something about this after the so-called Red Wave.

    I'll bet he does NOTHING.

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