CRYPTO BLACK MONDAY: Bitcoin, Ethereum CRASH 70% From All Time Highs | Breaking Points

Krystal and Saagar analyze the crypto black Monday that took place in markets yesterday as the free fall of Bitcoin and Ethereum continues to shake crypto traders

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James Li:

Written by Breaking Points


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  1. I would agree with Krystal that most “crypto” is not backed by anything. However, BItcoin is backed by proof of work and has a finite supply, unlike USD.

  2. Krystal clearly doesn't know shit about crypto, she needs to educate herself.

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  3. Good… I am waiting for a 1929 style market correction. The stock market is nothing but speculation and akin to gambling. I really want to see some capitalist ghouls throw themselves from the windows. And don’t come at me about regular Americans being in the stock market. We make up like 5% maybe 10% at most of what is invested in the market. I stopped my paycheck contributions at the beginning of the year and moved what I had to the safest thing you could move it to weather this shit. Everyday I contemplate taking out my vested amount and taking the tax hit before it gets completely wiped out by continued corporate gouging that makes actual inflation look worse, a fed that has been inept for decades and continues to wield its blunt instrument while claiming workers need to be paid less, and a shit show for an executive branch that couldn’t lead its way out of paper bag.

  4. Those of us in blockchain who are here for the tech will remain ❤️ Its a shame this amazing space gets exploited for greed 🤷🏽‍♂️ NFT’s are a HUGE innovation in ownership 🎯 I wrote a book on it, it’s bigger than Apes 👌🏽

  5. “My mother told me, some day I would buy, rockets with doubloons, off to distant moons, shoot up pass the stars, noble ship I steer, steady forth to haven, hold brothers hold, hold sisters hold them!”

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