CULT Of Woke Leftism Is Being Activated In Normies And It’s Increasingly CREEPY

Tim talks with Keri Smith of the Unsafe Space podcast about tribalism, fear of cultural backlash for voting for Trump, and the necessity of personal strength for resisting the mob cult of woke leftism.

Guest: Keri Smith @ksemamajama on Twitter, @Unsafe Space on Twitter, YouTube

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Written by Timcast IRL


  1. The usmilitary have to be brought 'home' to your usa… because they're needed to defend the planes that evacuate the rich, famous and important from your usa when they flee to airports with huge suitcases bulging with uncut diamonds and gold ingots, while the CONUS burns and turns into Balkans v2.0.
    Welcome to your future, little usa.

  2. Interesting what people will justify to prove their cause and forget their humanity, the tie that binds us all!

    Pride (In The Name of Love)U2

    One man come in the name of love

    One man come and go

    One man come he to justify

    One man to overthrow

    In the name of love

    What more in the name of love?

    In the name of love

  3. As a white guy on the subject of white collectivization, I don’t want it to happen because I think collectivism is evil. Non whites really shouldn’t want it because white people who collectivize tend to be excellent at organization and conquest

  4. We just got a new Green Party leader up here in Canada. Sonia Furstenau spoke to the press the other day after winning her bid to be leader of the BC Green Party. The first words out of her mouth were something like "Colonialism is not just something from history, it is still ongoing today." Wish I could find it but press here seemed to have of course ignored it.

  5. I never liked the word "normie". It's something I expect Voldemort to say when describing muggles… It's something I would expect to read in a comic book. Are you a mutant special X-man? Or a flat-scan normie? It just smells like elitist self serving drivel used to make someone feel elevated above the sheep, (or sheepeople I suppose).

  6. Hitler wanted to destroy capitalism. Literary. Also he was first european politician who started animal rights laws and didnt eat meat. I mean in what world was he far right? He rings all the bells for being far left.

  7. I just figured it out almost to the end of this informative video. SJWs want to be Orange is the New Black and then make a new reality tv show. After all a crime is a crime. If you don't want to do the time, don't do the crime. I'll gladly share my bills I struggle to pay, especially the winter and I don't get the freebie many, many do every year. $300 a year here to help with their heat. Winter's coming. . . .

  8. so it's a LACK OF EDUCATION (historical, cultural, political, literary….) that allows people to endorse ideologies they don't even know how dangerous they are. Bring back the humanities, not gender studies.

  9. BLM Movement are THOUGHT_NAZIS… oppressive and tyrannical that use terror and intimidation to forward their pathological Ideology…

    TRUMP 2020. …unless you prefer oppression