Cummings Drains The Swamp Of UK Defence

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Cummings Drains The Swamp Of Ministry Of Defence

Written by Mahyar Tousi

Political YouTuber | TalkRadio Contributor | Free Trade Brexiteer | Free Speech, Free Markets, Free People | Small Government | Atheist


  1. Drain the bureaucracy in the UK system? You realise that a government relies on a bureaucracy to get things done? A bureaucracy is necessary. It's not as if the political leaders run around doing the donkey work themselves.

  2. European defence would have basically consisted of French and British military because they are the only to serious military powers in Europe.

  3. Remember the Falklands war? The Argie airforce seriously kicked complacent RN arse…not sure they would cope any better today. Kicking arse in Whitehall and at the MoD can only do good. ????

  4. MI6 and the Democrat Party in the U.S. worked together to try and pull a coupe to have Trump removed from office. These communist leftist have infiltrated everything and more people need to wake up.


  6. Question: If I cancel me TV licence, but still have a TV which shows freeview. Is this acceptable even if I don't watch BBC programmes?

  7. Please people read the small print on your licence it states that if you do not record or watch tv live you do not require a licence, just subscribe to amazon prime and netflix and you can watch every film ever shown on tv, then for your news and things you like watching when you want to watch them type in the YouTube bar and kick back and enjoy you dont even need a tv a laptop or big computer screen is all you need and the Joke is your first tv licence you dont pay for can buy you a cheap laptop. so why are you still paying your licence fill out the form and send it in, I did it years ago and never went back.

  8. oh ex squady here ask any transport soldier, if your unit of around a hundred or so trucks go on exercise for a week and it is fog so thick none of the trucks can move around without being a danger, what happens to the fuel they took out for the exercise it can't go back in the units tanks for as soon as it leaves them they are re-filled, so what do they do with hundreds af gallons of fuel, diesel, petrol, oil grease and paraffin and back when I was in the forces they did indeed use paraffin, for burners for the cooking and other stuff, just saying check out what happened to the fuel, never mind what gets put down as exercise damage to the trucks.

  9. I really don't understand you people, you don't give air-time to the fruit-loop shouting from Hyde Park corner, but you all worry about what they all say on twitter? Fuck 'em, if they want to be part of a conversation they can learn to use a medium that requires the use of actual paragraphs.

  10. Every organisation needs updating and the MOD is a major contender they are so out of touch, that is my personal experience. Many decision made by MP and Civil service, not only impacted the guys on the line sometimes seriously and some effect their careers. On many occasions it seemed to us that decisions made by someone or by committee seem to be completely devoid of knowledge on the subject in hand usually made by a civilian(s) with no military experience to make a sensible or correct decision. Only an organisation like the BBC oops sorry ! the Civil Service can carry so many disinterested people who are their just for the Pension. It seems only the high level Civil Service and some MPs think their departments are efficient and should be left tone to fester, they would think differently if it was their own businesses performing like their departments. The big difference with the Civil Service from county council upwards to la la land Westminster is more bums on seats equates to more management posts better for promotion courtesy of the tax payer.

  11. this is a great move by Cummings, these British MPs and British civil servants don't like it because Cummings believes in the English constitution and the British are terrified of the English and the reason they are terrified is that the British will cease to exist, we will all be English, not British and English laws, not British laws and our country will be England

  12. I love watching Twitter respond to anything involving Dominic Cummings ?? More entertaining than anything on telly! Twitter needs to give us a laugh react!

  13. I only hope the chinese dont attack us ,because if this gov. Headed by Boris and Dominic handle a war like they have handled the virus crisis god help us!!

  14. Dominic Cummings now lists himself as a member of a political party. What political party does he belong to ? When did he get elected into office ?

  15. Any bets on how long before Dominic is called Hitler? give best guesses below. When will the Civil Servants realse, they are Civil SERVANTS and not Civil MASTERS – drain that swamp Dominic. Time for the old"Yes Minister" types to retire gracefully, or be sacked.

  16. I hope Dominic is going to investigate why PPE is being procured for the NHS through a pest control company, the failure of the track and trace app. and why the results of coronavirus testing in England is not being published in full.

  17. I'm not impressed with the guy, going to get rid of the paras because the last time they jumped into action was 70yrs ago, so what, he's obviously not a military guy, you need the capability, you have to be able to have forces that can parachute into act. The paras ain't just about parachuting, it's what they do and how they do it, they are aggressive, trained to fight under enormous odds with no support, to get rid of them and all the others is pathetic. But you'll build up cyber warriors, WOW, you still need boots on the ground, you can bomb it as much as you want but until you have troops on the ground it ain't yours, it's a disgrace what this country is doing to our armed forces. We ain't far off being a joke that won't even be strong enough to defend our own shores against attack.

  18. The whole climate change bull is totally discredited, the world is going in to a new solar minimum, check out the science and stop listening to MSM Marxist propaganda

  19. Drain the swamp? Dominic Cummings is a self contained infected swamp himself.
    Who will drain him and his double standards?
    And more importantly, after his complete and absolute loss of credibility, why would anyone believe a word he says?

  20. The education and university system, the NHS, the welfare state and the BBC could all do with a visit from Cummings more urgently. Feel that Defence is a soft and low priority target seeing as they spend less than 2% of GDP