Cuomo Bros Used BIDEN Playbook To Avoid #MeToo Scandal | Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar

Krystal and Saagar look at how the disgraced Cuomo brothers planned to avoid a sexual misconduct scandal for Andrew by using the playbook Joe Biden deployed against Tara Reade.

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  1. And not to mention the fact that this guy isn't imprison because what he did under his watch and it just took some sexual allegations to get him out of office that were hard at frest caressed he killed 15,000 elderly people that should have been enough to get him out of office right there I don't care about his book I don't care about the sexual allegation I care about the fact that he killed 15,000 people nobody gives a f*** about it and he ain't in prison

  2. The real scandal here is that Andrew Cuomo's responsibility for tens of thousands of nursing home deaths was ignored in favor of a few minor sexual harassment allegations. Shows the power of big corporate America.

  3. in order to cover up fact dnc love using thought police thugs burning loot during curfew=

    they have cnn use smears like fascists or supremacists on kyle rittenhouse for putting out fire.

    this lead to blm driver crash car in parade

    dnc did this in 2016 too for coverup fact dnc order cops to stand down just to use thought police thugs attack in san jose/charlotte

    dnc break glass 2017 inauguration claiming russia hack just to cover up fact bush/obama rig presidency kill 7 countries 5 years wesley clark memo

    treating covid symptoms is how to end pandemic but media ban smear it plus easy to sabotage clinical trials=over dose/ given too late/ inject with insulin but false label to smear real potential treatment

    it is unfair that daca get better healthcare than middle class/self employed

  4. Biden said “Believe all women.”, unless your name is Tara Reide. I remember being ridiculed for making that statement a year ago by my leftist friends, even called me a Trump supporter for it. I lean libertarian in most cases and never voted for Brandon or Donald, but they hated Trump, so much so, they gave Brandon a pass on his sexual misconduct. Even today, some of them swallow whole the BS that the Ministry of Truth puts out. Krystal has been knocking them out of the park the last two days, this is what journalism was meant to be.

  5. They make great points, BUT the #MeToo movement also took out Al Franken before it was even formally called "Me Too". Can't say it was just Republicans. The Senate numbers would be different if Al was still in there. Dems caved immediately, didn't even have a formal investigation. Should've done it. Roger Stone was involved with Al's accuser. #MeToo also took out Weinstein who, besides being a sleazeball scumbag, was a MAJOR Dem donor. So the argument that this was created to only protect Dems isn't holding up. Dems try to weaponize it (& they mostly have by now), but it was an actual organic movement when it started. It got hijacked. Same like BLM.

  6. The Biden playbook? So the Cuomo's are hoping that the media will respond to allegations with "Oh could you repeat that, I couldn't quite hear you because I had my fingers in my ears and was chanting lalalalalalaaaaaaaaaa".

  7. The only reason it worked for Biden was that he was useful to the left and the press (but I am being redundant there). Cuomo was no longer useful , so he was thrown under the bus.

  8. Meanwhile, just hours ago this revelation about Chris Cuomo's Producer comes out.
    "CNN Producer John Griffin arrested for attempting to persuade minors to engage in unlawful sexual activity" – CNN's new owner/management is cleaning house…

  9. Of course this just proves that leftists really don’t care about sexual harassment. It’s just a ploy to gain political power— like their similar efforts with regard to racism.
    They will support the most harassing racist people with it means they can gain a smidgen of additional political power

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