Cuomo Threatens Businesses For Breaking COVID Rules While THOUSANDS March For BLM

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  1. place your bets that COVID-19 cases are going to skyrocket between the LGBT and Black Communities an they'll state racism and Homophobia for the rise

  2. So where do I call to complain about the protests? I have no problems complaining about the protests and the fact that they could be spreading the virus. It's absurd! When I first heard Cuomo say this I'm so f**** pissed off. Ban the protests and stop people from doing that if you're going to go after the restaurants. It's bulshit to go after the businesses who are trying to make a living and not go under mean while you're letting people tear up the city. He's such a f**** hypocrite!

  3. So places like texas opened up pretty fast…. now they are spiking memorial day weekend people weren't careful at all, and the protests have likely made it worse.
    So…. now what?

  4. Leftists : de-fund the police , shut down the police.
    Leftists when a business is operating during covid : arrest them , take away rights to serve alcohol , shut them down with force.

    who the fuck do you think actually enforces the laws? and secondly why are they still enforcing arbitrary rules coming from that garbage tyrant governor who doesn't even support them anyway?

  5. I think it is time to reestablish the stigma of being a hypocrite. For when someone stands for nothing but lies then they so choose to be nothing. It is long past time in which society treats them as such.
    Mendacium oportet finem!

  6. I'll respect him when he pulls CNN's business license and publicly shames his brother for breaking quarantine instead of joking about nasal swabs. He's just enabling the Karens who will tell on their neighbors but are afraid of applying equal law to the mob.

  7. Democrats are very dishonest and this dog and pony show will continue till novermber, they are power thirsty that sick in the head

  8. WHAT IF. They are letting BLM protests be because they actually WANT them to all get Covid and possibly thin out their population? :thonks:

  9. This is a blatant violation of the Equal Protection clause, the 14th Amendment. Any law that isn't applied to everyone is not the law, it's tyranny.

  10. Oh you Democrats, the party of racism, double standards, riots, Marxism/Socialism, etc etc etc…….. Everyone that lives in New York and the entire U.S. in general, this is just the beginning with the Democrats showing their true selves. Please vote red this coming November or for anyone that is not Democrat.

  11. If it wasn't for double standards they'd have none at all
    I bet you there are plenty of people lodging complaints about the "protests" they just wont report them

  12. When you set a standard for one group of people and make them the exception, thousands not part of the group will do the same.

    This is known as *Covid BLM Law*.

  13. How can we believe public officials anymore when they are so two-faced meely mouthed creeps? Punish honest hard working citizens and reward rioting hateful criminals?

  14. 2:00 to 2:15 – It's less that time lines have split and more that the extreme left has moved ever further left, and anyone who doesn't follow along is seen by them as more right(or any number of -ists or other bad labels)
    2:45 Brilliant idea!
    8:25 What disrespect….calling Trump that, just because he followed security protocol he has no say in.

  15. 8:45 Likely it's to cause enough chaos so they can get in then clamp everything down and take away rights + freedoms under the guise of "security"…like all the times before.
    (Also they are likely using the r*cial tension as a distraction to keep us from complaining about the covid lockdowns and such)

  16. Covid is fake. Want to see. Stop testing and the numbers will drop. And the infection will disappear . People are only getting the virus from the infected test swabs. And the virus is nothing more than the sars virus People are sending test kits out without even testing themselfs and getting positive results still . Some people are t even showing g up to the appointments and getting positive results in the mail fir something they never went to. The test swabs are nothing more than a way to convince you to get tested as they are nothing g more than a way to send your dna to the bill gates foundation. Everything you see now is the start of the new world order in play. If you think it’s all a conspiracy you drastically under estimate the elite and ha e way too much trust in people who are desperately trying every which way to remove your rights and feed you media garbage all day why else do you think they are trying so hard to control the masses and not the “ protestors “ the protestors/rioters are part of their plans . They need them to continue the spread of chaos so they can eventually “ call order”. And why do you think they are trying so hard to silence any and everyone who speaks out against d the virus and anyone who does t fit their narrative. And they want trump out so bad because he’s not one of them and he’s spoiling their plans . They know they cant proceed . It’s too hard for them to convince the masses to give up our rights and convince us we need the elite and kiss thier boots while trump is in office and they know we won’t bow down and that he won’t let the dems have power while he’s in office .

  17. Cuomo has already shown who he is. He made people with covid live in care homes. He killed elderly people. It was like making them live with Typhoid Mary. Cuomo killed more people than Ted Bundy.