C*vid Scientists Now Admit What You Knew All Along

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  1. this article seems like the "experts" are building themselves an off-ramp, so they dont have to keep mandating boosters (soon will become optional); they're focusing on controlling our access to food / energy.

  2. The lock downs were about compliance with global government.
    Citizens will do whatever they are told; surrender, murder, starve, torture, goulogs, genocide or anything else as good citizens do.

  3. It was 3 day thing. And I'm born Asthma. That 3rd day it was better, obvious, stay out of dust, the 4 day will be better. It was. The variants were each a bit uncomfortable, but took care of itself in 2 days. What a crock. It is called ballot sickness instead of bat.

  4. im a nurse in Sydney Australia – soon to lose my job due to forced Booster shot – so short staffed here yet not short staffed enough to sack me for a "vaccinne". Oh by the way i had covid. Irony is i now have to have a vaccinne to protect me from the very virus which i already had. Not unlike smashing a car then taking out insurance after the accident. Psychosis on a grand scale.

  5. We Jews, we are the Destroyers and will remain the Destroyers. Nothing you can do will meet our demands and needs. We will forever destroy because we want a world of our own" (Maurice Samuels, You Gentiles, p. 155; Genesis 3:15).

  6. I came to this conclusion back when the delta strain started spreading. I looked at the data of people getting infected in Israel and Sweden. The former being almost a 100% vaccinated. Their numbers were going dramatically up. Sweden's was flat. And I correctly deduced that was because of natural immunity in the Swedish population.

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