Cyber Analyst on Dominion Voting: Shocking Vulnerabilities

A cyber analyst shares alarming insights into the scandal ridden voting software Dominion. One America’s Chanel Rion has more.

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  1. So I'm suppose to trust the man behind QAnon and not the director of CISA? This guy has made a lot of bold claims with no evidence to back it up. Also, what the hell is a Large System's Technical Analyst? Of what company?

  2. For being an "expert" he sure manages to repeat the same rhetoric without add ANY additional context. But unneeded details I guess for the Trumpers and QanonTwats.

  3. bwa-hahahaa… this passes for news in Republican Land? No wonder you're all so misinformed. These children aren't reporters. They're rejects who were too untalented and stupid to get work at a legitimate news agency. Cowboy hat douche 'stache guy is their "expert?" hahaha. Real professional. hahaha

  4. Cue every leftist media organization who will take this information and just say "nothing to see here folks". Facebook has already flagged this video as misinformation. What a joke.

  5. Only a sheep will believe this nonsense, if Donald Trump had any evidence he'd have presented it to the court by now, but instead he continues with his sour grapes from losing an election. Wasn't this the reason why he hurried to nominate and confirm ACB? Now go to her for help and see how that plays out. Clearly, Trump doesn't realize that he supreme court is not the Republican party. The judges don't owe nobody loyalty, isn't that the whole point of having a supreme court? This is the USA not banana republic. Months before the election Donald Trump started spreading rumors to delegitimatize the US electoral system. Spreading false claims just to set the stage to sue because he knew there's a huge chance he'd lose. America for the first time, is at it's lowest rating on the worlds stage, thanks to you. And on that same stage the award for the 'worst American president ever' goes to Donald Trump!

  6. Oh the desperation of the MAGA cult just add on to the joy of Biden winning. The old fart of a so called lawyer literally melted in the news conference. The bunker boy will be carried out of the White House in January. And the tears of the pathetic Trumptards will be a delightful sight.

  7. This is not about this election. This is about protecting the integrity of democracy. This software is designed to swing elections. Never trust anything unless it’s done by hand.

  8. Ah yes Trump's own cyber security manager saying this is the most secure election ever and yet some rando saying it could've been manipulated. Then Trump fired the security manager just because he said it was secure…Trump's own guy…you guys who believe this are being duped

  9. Wisconsin and I voted all reps just to piss the deep state off and support my beloved Constitution based on: The evils of tyranny are rarely seen but by him who resists it. – John Hay

  10. You know you can track your ballot right…so how come we haven't heard people say I voted for trump and it went to Biden?…..think about that for a second.

  11. Tucker really blew it tonight. I was a big fan with regard to his opinions but tonight he called Syndey Powell out for not providing facts to his TV show. Of course she is not going to show Tucker her fact gathering. It will be presented in a court of LAW….not a TV TALK SHOW. I am suspect now. Fox’s call on election night going for Biden in Arizona was really enough to distrust this Network…now Tucker adds doubt? Not good.