Cyberfascism: The State and Social Media

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  1. I was there when Microsoft were the bad guy and was split up by the US Government. I'm here now asking for the same to happen to Google/Alphabet. Won't happen cause Google learnt from Microsoft to pay off those in the US Congress and Senate sooner rather than later.

  2. That thumbnail lol. I may not be anywhere close to being a billionaire, but at least I don't have to look at that face in the mirror every day and know any woman I meet is only there for the money.

  3. Worrying stuff, iv seen this coming ever since this culture war started, I started hosting my own systems and websites/email. Gonna have to start looking at making a pirate internet lol

  4. The Washington Post has just published an investigation into the 6th January Capitol riots. It turns out social media platforms (particularly Parler) warned the FBI violence was planned. The FBI ignored all the warnings.

  5. Migrating to alternative media won't help people as all user-generated content accessible to Britons will come under Ofcom's auspices. Lotuseaters ironically might be excluded as they might be categorised as a news provider (but that depends on Ofcom). The real impact will be on what ordinary people can post or see online. I've seen some really dire predictions from people who know what they're talking about. For example, it could nuke virtually every small forum online. Something like Mumsnet could disappear. Open source software projects are likely to be significantly impacted. Access to foreign websites will likely be blocked if they don't comply (Torba said Gab won't). A British internet for British people. There will be lots of intended/unintended collateral damage. This is an issue that really needs to focus the minds of the alternative media as it's possibly going to wipe the internet clean of voices outside the mainstream.

  6. What you guys, and frankly the majority of people realize is that we are too deep into the woods to start anything new now. A new social media platform won't cut it, a new internet provider either, You cannot start building from scratch a new structure when they already have everything else under control. They will just level your progress to the ground with what they have.
    They will slowly regulate everything until you get to a point where you won't be able to tell the difference between china internet and the rest. They will own the entirety of information and you will be fed exactly what they want. The only way out now is just violence, targeted against the big guys to either scare them into submission or outright erase them. I'm sorry to say this but it will take quite a few little monsters to get rid of the big ones. 2020/2021 showed us that we are not slipping into dystopia, we are in a free fall. Let's hope I am horribly mistaken. Good luck and good night.

  7. The Rise of CyberFascism!!! Meanwhile your new video is titled something like, "How the Left Weaponizes Language". Choose one. Make a video about CyberFascism, or make a video about the Left weaponizing language. But it can't be both.

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