D.C.’s Mayor Is Pissed Off That Biden’s Border Crisis Is Affecting Her | DM CLIPS | Rubin Report

Dave Rubin of “The Rubin Report” talks about Washington D.C. mayor Muriel Bowser’s appearance on Face the Nation and her having to deal with Biden’s border crisis as illegal immigrants are bused from Texas to her city as illegal immigration hits new records.


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Written by The Rubin Report

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  1. Obviously they need to double or triple up on the Bus loads to DC. She hasn't reached the TEAR STAGE yet….. Ranchers on the border something to laugh about….. DC mayor provided some funny relief….. The whole nation needed some comic relief too… Marxist Socialist Dems can't take what they give out. Let's see what Brandon does for DC that he won't do for the rest of the country….

  2. 4:14, 207 416 people in. The same number for Sweden per capita. All US numbers divided by 33 and you have the Swedish numbers. We have mass immigration since the early 1980s. The latest 10 years another million have entered the country and been allowed to stay and become citizens. More than 30% of the Swedish population is non Swedish. Someone is hurting the USA and Europe and they know exactly what they are doing, destroying the west intentionally.

  3. Lol, you dumbass mayor!!! Welcome to our world!!! From TEXAS!!!! WAY TO GO ABBOTT!!! YOU ARE THE MAN!!!Not being tricked!!! SHE IS SO STUPID!!!! NO, BIDEN IS A DUMBASS TOO!!!

  4. It's just like Jan. 6 . For 2 years Pelosi , AOC and all the rest of the usual suspects condoned , applauded and encouraged all the looting in Seattle , Portland , N Y C etc. but as soon as it happens in their place ( The Capitol ) it's the worst thing ever .

  5. They are not tricked to get on busses. They are being tricked by Biden! Dems say open boarders so why cant they go to your city. They are NOT asylum seekers – what a joke the left is. Glad she is annoyed and that is the point

  6. Did you just refer to illegals as “tacos” ? 3:35 in…. ? Lost a ton of respect for this show now and Rubin. That’s blatantly offensive and racist and will be reported. I understand this is a major DHS issue – but calling them tacos wasn’t needed. Grow up Rubin

  7. Ah – think I just solved the housing crisis. Hear me out: 1st, we secure the border. 2nd, deport illegal aliens, or at least make e-verify federal law. Won't that free up 5-10 million homes?


  8. JJAJAJA the venezuelan part cracked me up. 3 million of them came here to peru and were assimilated into the workforce. Happy that you guys are now going to recieve the rest of them.

  9. Gee kind of like the rest of the country is dealing with Bowser??? I hope one of those "asylum seekers" finds you on a dark street alone because that's what you have done to the rest of us!!!!

  10. I am so THRILLED to know that this wasn’t an idle threat!! Keep sending them to DC! And maybe re-route a few of the buses to China Joe’s home in Delaware!! 😂

    🚎 🚌 🚎 🚌 🚎 🚌 🚎 🚌 🚎 🚌 🚎 🚌 👨🏻 👨🏻 👨🏻 👨🏻 👨🏻 👨🏻 👨🏻 👨🏻 👨🏻 👨🏻 🚎 🚌 🚎 🚌 🚎 🚌

  11. Is she saying the buses are purposefully being diverted to DC, preventing illegal immigrants to achieve their end goal location?
    She said the word, tricked.
    Does she mean they're being deceived by the powers that be in Texas and Arizona by telling them they're going to New York state so they'd willingly get on the bus, but take them to DC instead?

  12. Hmmm … I thought migrants register to work in the US? They're not migrants, but millions of criminal trespassers, being aided and abetted in their stay here.
    Millions of illegal immigrants receiving everything free at the expense of the American taxpayers.
    They don't have to worry one bit about rising food prices and scarcity of food shelf products bec they freely receive everything. From housing to health care to transportation, they live in better circumstances than millions of low income, veterans, and homeless American citizens.

  13. Why won't the news organizations follow the money trail in how these millions of illegal immigrants are receiving free rent, food, utilities, healthcare, transportation, monthly cash benefits, etc.?
    How is it that millions of dollars are being provided by this nation's taxpayers, whose own American citizens make up the large population of homeless people who aren't provided with such an encompassing, freely given (and without the application and wait process) more than sustainable daily living benefit package?

  14. Of course they're going to that if they say they aren't seeking Asylum then they won't be allowed to stay.
    If that Governor from DC is having problems what does she think is going on in these border state's ? They just started sending them there. These border states have been dealing with people coming across since damn near day one of this administration.
    One of the main rolls our federal government is suppose to play is keeping our border secure. If trump was doing this they would of impeached him. They would of succeeded at it too.

  15. Theyre from Venezuela a communist ironic as that's what the Left and current admin wants the US to become. I feel bad for these people, used as political pawns.

  16. We the People should just form our own border security force and secure it ourselves. They cannot legally stop us. The second the harm or kill one of us they're done and they know it.

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