DAILY | Billions more for Ukraine; Trudeau blames COVID, Russia for cost of living; Living in a pod

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  1. There are so many sites willing to question history, whether government is legitimate etc I don't have enuf time in my day to follow sites that still support "government" as if they aren't all in bed together and not working for the people. Never have been but being exposed.

  2. While the abortion hysteria is being BLASTED as the only important thing ever…. Trudeau, German Ministers, Nancy Pelosi, and a host of others secret trips to Ukraine. Canadian/US/EU officials immeditely FLEW to Ukraine to flesh out the 40 BILLION$ taxpayer gift of arms funding THE SECOND THAT COURT LEAK CREATED CHAOS in the Media so their trips will be buried.

  3. they are taking our money through taxes, laundering it under the guise of weapons and aid then funnelling it back to themselves via companies dealing in weapons and aid.
    We are being royally scammed.

  4. and now he's paying for charter flights for Ukranians to come to Canada, unvaxxed for the most part. I wonder how many Azof's he'll be sneaking onto those flights……

  5. Trudeau = the Trillion Dollar Debt Man.
    Canada was 329 billion in arears when liberals were elected in 2016 now we have a 1.3 trillion dollar debt and this PM spends all this borrowed money like it's free, any cause is good enough for a few hundred million of Canadian Aid Money.

  6. REBEL NEWS, I do not want to get you in trouble with my comment to come today. I have no wish or intent to make DEAR LEADER ANGERY!. This is for our American cousins. "AMERICAN PATRIOTS- URGENT MESSAGE ". Canadian patriots request your assistance to send JUSTIN TRUDEAU straight to HOLLYWOOD (A.S.A.P). The movie industry will always need an actor to fit the role of a sniveling, cowardly, pretty boy tyrant prince or king. We have the cream of the crop in our very own JUSTIN TRUDEAU. He was raised in elite form, an ex drama teacher and a self proclaimed male feminist. And lover of the c.c.p. . AMERICA you hold the key give him the fame he deserves. And a closet full designer socks and a trunk full of costumes. And a lifetime supply of black makeup. Save your brothers and sisters to the north. GOD BLESS AMERICA.

  7. So many western leaders seem to be determined to borrow and spend their nations into unpayable debt and censorship serfdom to the WEF, IMF and multi-national investment fund managers.

  8. Why doesn’t give ALL HER MONEY To Ukraine? She won’t do that because she’s drawing money from all 🇺🇸 Americans by the millions. She and her government are money laundering by sending it to 🇺🇦

  9. Thanks for not calling me back rebel! Guess you have your instructions like the rest of Main stream and only care about your puppet master!

  10. All it is and has been from the beginning is to run a proxy war against russia and to launder money. I want some journalist to ask pervert bidens minions why he and congress GAVE russia $17 billion in Sept. 2021.

  11. Turd-eau is trying to buy a good place in the history books of the world with Canadian tax dollars, Sadly no matter how much money he throws at it, and he will, he will never achieve this.

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