DAILY POSTER: How Congress Is PROTECTING Opioid Billionaires, Big Business

Krystal and Saagar are joined by David Sirota of the Daily Poster to discuss the legal techniques being used by opioid billionaires to protect themselves and how congress is protecting them

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Daily Poster:

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  1. I find it sadly funny that corps are shaming and putting hate on those that don't get the vacation, but they think it's okay to not take responsibility for there wrong doings and the life's they have destroyed. But no those that don't get the vaccine is the bad guy, think of the life's your putting in danger. It's sad, extremely, and yet I can't help but laugh. You want us to take responsibility but none of the corps or higher ups will take responsibility for their selves.

  2. Opioids… The Real Pandemic, and the reason for the Afghan Withdrawal Debacle. Does anyone really think that cache of arms an a room full of money was accidentally left behind?

  3. Drug pushers make great money and in Washington money defines their lack of morality. Politicians would sell their own children for the right price. Well it worked with nursing homes in New York even though it should not stand, they vilify the sick Cuomo but did they change the policy of no accountability for nursing homes. Hold your breath if you believe Democrats care at all. RIP

  4. Beyond Disgusting…As Normal everyday people with jobs, bills, Children/family to raise and look after how do we even begin to approach changing this massive of a problem? who watches the watchers?… what do we do when the larger social contract we all agreed to follow as being citizens and paying taxes and following the laws and rules setup in this country are not being honored by the other side? It's beyond frustrating and I think these wealthy elites need to be torn down from their ivory towers one way or another. the system is broken and nobody seems to want to try fixing it

  5. “Democrats” protecting their donors…. you are as right wing as republicans…. just different donors. “Vote blue no matter who”??? If you love the right wing, yes…..

  6. It its the people who need to start holding these bad actors responsible….. lobbyists, corporatists, corrupt officials…. time to protest them AT THEIR HOUSE….. AT THEIR RESTAURANT…. AT THEIR YACHT AND COUNTRY CLUBS…. direct and in their face….. or nothing will change….. ever.

  7. It's so strange when you realise the same people who hate on big pharma are the same people taking a vaccine for a virus that if you catch it you have a 99.99% chance of surviving. I feel like I'm living a lie lol

  8. Sell a carton of contraband cigarettes on a NEW YORK street corner and you get murdered by the police, sell medical opioids that kill a couple hundreds of thousands of people, and just pay a fine ?
    If i remember right we went on a world rampage for the 3000 dead in the World Trade Center.

  9. Has anyone really asked themselves, who really pulls the strings of this great nation? Like really asked.
    Goes much deeper than lobbyist, big pharma, and corporate interests.

  10. As an recovering opioid user I find blaming the company that produced and marketed OxyContin misplaced. The Sackler family did not force me to seek out physicians to obtain the pills. They did not force me to swallow the pills, I did that on my own volition. I could have stopped at anytime but didn’t until “I” decided that things were bad enough and sought help. People need to place the blame where it squarely belongs – on the user. Those physicians who wrote the prescription without properly assessing the patient and/or suspecting opioid abuse and doing nothing about it bear some responsibility. The party less culpable is the manufacturer. Then again this campaign against the company is because they have the most money and they are much easier for the press to blame than user.

  11. Wow companies sidestepping responsibility for literally ruining millions of lives through abusing the legal system. It’s almost like this is why the 2nd amendment was made.

  12. Wheres the coverage of the Indigenous led People Vs Fossil Fuels actions that are taking place in DC all week? Environmental leaders on the frontline fighting climate change need the support & spotlight. 200+ people have been arrested for peaceful protest. Cops pulled out the LRAD ( Long-Range Acoustic Device) to disperse full of women

  13. Because it's the elite cabal these people continue to get away with murder I don't understand how they knew their drug was addicted people were dying and they pushed it harder. They wanted people to get hooked.

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