DAILY POSTER: Media Ignores CORRUPTION Of Dem Taking Wall Street Cash

Krystal and Saagar kick off Breaking Points’ partnership with The Daily Poster by discussing with David Sirota the influence of Wall Street cash on powerful Dem Rep. Josh Gottheimer of New Jersey

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  1. "Media Ignores Corruption" could be the title of every video in perpetuity.

    Was anyone held accountable for that insider trading that took place at the onset of the pandemic? Of course not

  2. Establishment Democrats message to "Progressive Democrats"- Breakdown, go ahead and give it to me. "Progressive Democrats" will respond by bending over and pushing back at it, so they can receive their load of DNC/corporate campaign contributions for their re-election campaigns. "Progressive Democrats" are political bottoms.

  3. Lets put this in simple perspective. TAX the Rich they shout to pay for this massive spending. But behind closed doors paybacks kickback and private deals to ensure loop holes so the rich pay less tax than Joe Scumbag so Joe S pays for the spending spree which will also be spent on buying from the rich ergo profit from the spending…….

  4. People are pushing the reconciliation bill but haven’t a clue what’s in it. Just the warm milk and cookies part. Just think that if penguins would have adopted green policies 100 million years ago , we wouldn’t even be here … facts matter

  5. I was wondering if you guys were able to actually see whats in these bundle style bills these people are pushing through? ive heard right wing sources say they have a tax of $.08 per mile driven per person, making any purchase or bank account over $500 reported to the IRS instead of 10k that it is now. Also that women are now going to have to register for the draft. How much of this is propoganda and how much is more sneaky agenda items crammed into an intentionally lengthy and over complicated bill designed to screw us on behalf of lobbyists? I think if breaking points wont expose these bills for what they seem to be or at least debunk the propoganda of thier opposition, then no one will and we will just take it in the shorts again courtesy of our elite warpigs and thier succubus counterparts. Thanks

  6. Gottheimer is my rep. I'm in north Jersey and it is a middle/upper-middle class suburb with a median salary of 160k-ish.

    As David pointed out, Gottheimer is the worst…but, information trickles slow and my folks actually supported him until I told them how abnormal and corrupt he is in reality. Plus, our area has been BLITZED by a deluge of pro-Gottheimer ads that are sneaky and could confuse simpler people. For example, between ads expressly praising Gotthaimer they'll be ads that criticize him….for not being rightwing enough and not standing up to Pelosi on the bill (note: "Pelosi," NOT Biden bc Biden is popular now but no one likes Pelosi ever).

    In terms of the area demographics:
    Unfortunately for economic populism, my area exemplifies Rockefeller Republicans of yesteryear; most folks are well-educated and comfortable so, accordingly, the area is more of a purplish-blue because of wealth. Lower taxes are always welcome bc, to be fair, NJ must be the most expensive state to live in the United States (double-check me).

    Any diversity in my area comes from "model minorities" like Koreans, Japanese, Indo-Pak, and not black and Hispanic.

    Growing up was idealistic and the locally elected GOP were not bigoted, anti-intellectual maniacs like the national scene. That openness is a direct result of education…I don't think I've met anyone who didn't at least go to college.

    Both my brother and I are attorneys and my dad is a pharmacist and we own properties. Our neighbors are white collar Asians, whites folks and lots of Jewish people. They're all doctors, architects, and finance people.

    This translates into a more cosmopolitan politic that is a mixed bag as a policy set.

    Good news is that, like I said, we're not xenophobic bc we've all
    traveled outside the country and speak multiple languages. Attacking public schools is a nonstarter bc our public education is solid.

    Generally, most folks are fairly groovy on social issues like abortion, gay people, and discrimination. Also, while, my dad was a United States veteran in order to fast track his citizenship, I imagine most folks were against these wars because they're not in a deadend town with underfunded schools and where the military is the only way out.

    We have the densest population of Jewish people in the entire nation (Kushner went to high school five minutes away from me) so support for our foreign policy as well as zero problem with big business/ finance comes from Jewish professionals…

    ….ahem Josh Gottheimer. He might be easily reelected. Lol.

    Bad news: private unions are considered a cancer, low capital gains tax is sexy, VERY Right-wing Zionist, and people could easily vote for the next GOP candidate IF the candidate is less MAGA Repug and more Repub.

    The only hope is the proliferation of information. Turning away from CNN, MSNBC, FNC, NYT, and more towards new media. Support for Josh could also dissipate if people see through the crap he's pulling right now w Biden.

  7. The first thing I do before voting is follow the money on every person on the ballot. If it's the general election and I especially dislike what I see I'll do a write in for that position or leave it blank.

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