Damaging children’s development with COVID policy (from Livestream #109)

Clip taken from DarkHorse Podcast Livestream #109 (originally streamed live on December 18, 2021):


FDA document from October 26, 2021: Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee Meeting.

Press Secretary Jen Psaki explaining why the children will be fine:

Macker, T. Fact’s Two Faces: On the Masking of Children at School. Front Porch Republic, December 8, 2021.

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  1. As an elementary school teacher in Washington state, it breaks my heart when I think about the impact masks are having on my students (and my own children). Parents have far more power than they realize and they MUST push back!

  2. The mask is more than a simple compliance measurement. It is a way to de-person and demoralize everybody. It fosters suspicion of your neighbors because you cant see their facial expressions as it is human nature to regard anyone that covers their face as suspicious. In a way it also discourages people to fight back. They see that vast majority of people complying and think that any action in defiance would be useless against the mob.
    As they say, "Get them young enough and the possibilities are endless"

  3. My mom with only a high school education back in the ’50s sent me to our neighbor's house whose kid got the measles so I could catch it – which I did- because she knew that natural immunity would help me in the future. She was right, better to catch measles as a child than as an adult. Yet today she would be charged with child abuse. While Psaki sends her 3-year-old with a mask to child care all-day, sad.

  4. I am a middle school teacher. The children I see everyday are growing rapidly during adolescence. I rarely see the children without masks. The times I do see them is rare and as they grow through the three years I see them is significant 6-8. What I am noticing is mouths and noses that appear to not match other features of the face when masks are off. I do not know if it is a specific gene in the small community I live in that is being affected but I am sure that both the noses, mouths and chins are smaller in relation to the eyes, ears, overall head size and necks. Maybe its just me but as a previous student of biological anthropology master level I am familiar with anatomy. This is noticeable this school year since we have been back in school full time wearing masks. The psychological affects on growing minds does seem strange as many of these children tell me they like wearing a mask. I find it difficult and struggle with oxygen deprivation. Maybe the deprivation is affecting my ability to discern… and I am loosing track of what adolescents look like without masks… but the physical restraint on important organs such as noses and mouths seems to be affecting our evolution. I might add lecturing math wearing a mask is exhausting and impossible. signed.. struggling ..
    Ant Lion victim.

  5. Thank you, and God Bless You BOTH, for everything you two have highlighted, throughout this whole escapade and throughout what's been a crazy 2021. I worked with children for a decade, and also have raised two children of my own. I'm also blessed with two granddaughters and I'm so HORRIFIED, at what they are doing to these beautiful children. I worked through a programme called "SEAL", Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning, and know for certain, this is going to cause a serious MENTAL HEALTH crisis, in this generation of children. THANK YOU AGAIN, FOR HIGHLIGHTING THIS MOST SERIOUS OF ISSUES.

  6. Read Conflict or Visions by Thomas Sowell. It will explain the underlying worldview of those who ignore trade-offs and believe there are absolute solutions for social problems that can be engineered by elites.

  7. Just like in Nazi Germany everyone is under mass psychosis. Who should be punished? The enforcers of these crimes. The police, the bylaw officers, the teachers, the doctors, the journalists, and all the intellects who speak out in favour of fascism under the cloak of public safety.

  8. From a Brown University study: "We find that children born during the pandemic have significantly reduced verbal, motor, and overall cognitive performance compared to children born pre-pandemic," wrote the study's authors. "Results highlight that even in the absence of direct SARS-CoV-2 infection and COVID-19 illness, the environmental changes associated with the COVID-19 pandemic is significantly and negatively affecting infant and child development."

  9. Psaki claims to want to keep kids safe… yet she described methods intended to keep ADULTS safe, ignoring their well being. The “ One size fits all” mentality is truly a ridiculous methodology here.

  10. It breaks my heart, whenever I pass the local elementary school playground, and I see those poor masked little kids, going down slides and doing other activities there; with that forlorn look in their eyes.

  11. A large part of the blame lies with the general sheeple public who easily went along with this nonsense. The scumbags in charge can only do stupid crap like this only because you put up with it. Decades ago people had backbones and actually stood up to the nanny state.

  12. Ten or twenty years from now, we may be able to map effects on children—future young adults—by state and region. It may be that affluent children in DC, for example, suffer more than poor children in rural Georgia.

  13. So, did anyone read what fauci experimented on orphans kids(mostly black and mexican) from nyc? He injected the aids virus into some 1,000 kids over 10 years You don't really think fauci would do this to 200 million American kids, would he. Yes he would. Fauci and gates have been to Africa and India. Injecting their poison into kids, grandparents, pregnant women and women just to see how long they live and die

  14. The Battle is Spiritual. Not recognising that we are Spiritual Beings is part of the problem. Those in power know this and use it against the masses.
    The Answer is No, I Do NOT Consent, to Any of IT.

  15. No doubt in my cynical mind (for good reason) that we will find out that all of this was done for the benefit of Big Pharm and those they promise(d) to reward to those who pushed vaccine as a one bullet approach

  16. Just watched the movie”don’t look up”. The comet was coming and denial was still there because the authority was not accepting it…. Is Hollywood waking up?

  17. Hahaha no way! The feeding tube dependant have an increased risk factor when it comes to covid?..
    so does the obese and everyone who is not in charge of their health.

    This smiles we’ve stolen from children and Ron is all is criminal.

  18. These requirements being placed on children is child abuse. That has been my opinion since May 2020. The cdc was reporting deaths of those under 24 years old with covid. These children statistically were at greater risk of dying in an accidental vehicular death.

  19. I left my teaching position in 2019 due to on-going chronic nerve pain from a spine injury I experienced 5 years ago. I haven't returned here in Ont. because of how they have muzzled these children/teenagers. I can't bring myself to live a lie and role model said lie and project that onto these growing individuals. Seeing young children masked is sickening at this point for me.

  20. I just heard a relative vaccinated her 15 year old, 8 and 6 year olds. Like it was no big deal. My heart broke a little and I doubt we could have a rational conversation about it. My family is brittle and divided like no time known to our history. The CCP is laughing all the way to the bank.

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