DAMNING Emails Uncover Hunter Biden’s Role In Funding UKRAINIAN BIOLABS: Report

Batya Ungar-Sargon describes how Russiagate has influenced Democrats’ views on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

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  1. You guys have no idea what are you talking about, non of this is damaging Putin or Rusia, but the people who live there, all this is following the agenda of the WEF and the GREAT RESET, WAKE UP!!!! China is winning, Davos is winning.

  2. I understand, being US citizen, it is difficult to say Russia is right on invading Ukrainian …so one has to do all word gymnastics to defend US for it’s’s so risky like saying ‘ I like Maradona’ in Brazil downtown.

  3. Do you have irrefutable proof that this laptop is truly Hunter Biden's? If this can't be verified 100% then nothing on it should be reported on as being true. Show me the proof

  4. the only thing that's good about this show is Kim… this lady, instead of answering, started by talking about Russians who are pro-Putin and only being given propaganda for information… WE'RE TALKING ABOUT THE CURRENT PRESIDENT'S SON FUNDING BIO WEAPONS!!! Russia had good reason to go into Ukraine, they may win or they may lose, but the reason is justified. stop going around in circles, why did Biden lie about this? why is "Hunter" funding bio labs??? …if you think Russia didn't know this, you're foolish.

  5. Ryan and Robbie are obsessed with becoming mainstream so it alters their ability to see priorities in the news. 'Biden's son is funding weapons labs close to the Russian border.


    Kim is the only one who follows the news cycle and therefore has an idea of what is a huge story that debunks a narrative.

  6. I think Putin has plenty of good reasons and I think it’s remarkable he’s been as patient as he has, only doing it after escalating deliberate provocation by the Ukraine and the US. This is just one of the many reasons.

  7. Hmmm couple weeks when tulsi gaber discuss we need to be concerns about Ukraine bio labs to be Russian propaganda as the same when we said the Covid-19’s came from a labs to be conspiracy theory

  8. Wake up, US journalists ARE state actors. You don't have to be literally contracted by the state to be a state actor, the rotating door (and bed cushion) bwn politicians and journalists has been spinning like a carousel at least since the Obama years

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