Damning report into Queensland forensic lab released

An inquiry into DNA testing failures at Queensland’s state-run forensics lab could have far-reaching consequences for the state’s judicial system.

The inquiry, which begins public hearings next week, released interim findings on Tuesday.

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk labelled the findings “shocking” and accepted the three recommendations made by the inquiry in full.


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  1. Is this to be an example of what imported skilled labour looks like? Tell me, what was the country of birth of the people stood down, and how long have they been in Australia? I ask, because if you hadn't noticed, Aussie hospitals are full of skilled immigrants. Nice, they can't even understand our first language, so maybe that is a big problem too, lack of clear communication is also a big problem, as simply put, they don't speak your language. You have to speak in simple broken english so they can understand, or think they understand your problem. Guess work begins with what a patient is saying, then the real guess work starts when they guess at what they think is making you sick.

    Import some more medical professionals that can't speak english, go on, pay millions to displace Aussies from jobs and an income so we can have SUB STANDARD.

  2. Where is the report that explains in great detail everything that happened wrongly that led to the prosecution of innocent people and what caused it to happen? Everyone, especially juries and judges, must know what to do and what not to do with DNA evidence to avoid miscarriages of justice ideally 100% of the time.

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