Dan Andrew Shuts Down the Construction Industry for 2 Weeks – CFMEU Punished?

#Construction #AusPol #HeiseSays
The construction industry in Victoria has been shut down for two weeks, I’m sure it’s just a coincidence. Oh, remember when everyone voted Andrew’s back in?


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Written by Heise Says


  1. Fascism 101
    Lockdown the construction industry
    and blame it on the jab protesters
    All the jabbed will turn their anger away
    from the govt and onto the people
    fighting for freedom

  2. I wonder where they are hiding the MPs (The elected leaders) . Margret Thatcher did the same thing with the miners back in the eighties … Even then she didnt shut down the cities …

  3. Florian, you don't get it, they're not all unionists. If you want to work on a high rise site in Melbourne, you have to be a union member, or they'll remove you from site. They've been standing over workers and supposedly representing them, but really just extorting them like everyone else.

  4. unions are the biggest sell outs. labor do not represent the worker. work shops & EBA's would be better off without corrupt unions which are now just an extension of HR. if you have to ask for permission to strike what have you got? guess who supported that? your farkin beloved sell out unions supported that motion.

  5. They are union members not professional protesters , ppl should have a choice ,John sekta should be in jail! Why did police drop chargers ???? Someone got him off 🤔 the government is a mafia

  6. Rank and file members also don't give a flying fuck about union officials, those people who showed are top level heavies in the union pay. The rank and file busted your fucking windows.