Dan Andrews’ Disastrous Handling of the Pandemic & the Victorian Health System

A report into Dan Andrews’ Government’s run state’s emergency call system found that it was responsible for 33 deaths. Dan Andrews handling of the pandemic only served to put more of a strain on the emergency health system. By locking people down and preventing them from receiving medical attention, many people having procedures pushed back and high amounts of covid cases all at once strained the system. But Dan Andrews was warned that the Emergency Health System was underfunded in 2015 and 2016 years before the pandemic even hit. Being Health Minister from 2007-2010 then Premier from 2014-2022 there’s really no-one else to blame. Will he take responsibility? He’ll of course say he will and that’s where it’ll probably end.

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  1. I've been protesting this POS for the last 6 years. The problem is that victorians still have it relatively good. But give it 5 years for the blowback to hit and you'll find this guy ruined this state. At this point he's just desperately playing with cash flow, so more works can be delivered to win voters and give jobs to CFMEU members.

    If victoria was a business, you could prosecute Andrews for insolvent trading and borrowing.

    he leases off Vic roads for an upfront $7.8 billion, then immediately announces a $1.2 billion new arts precinct upgrade. WTF!??

    Hospital system is caving in, but he announces a new outer suburbs train loop.

    train loop isnt a horrendous idea. Its bad. But the arts precinct idea is just stupid. That money should be for the health and wellbeing of Victorians first.

  2. The 8pm curfew and 5 km bubble wasn’t to stop us from getting a runny nose. He put that in place for his own protection, pure and simple, don’t be scared every one let’s get it out in the open talk about it

  3. Watching your video brought me back to those Never-ending days of a living Hell.
    A Hell where I was constantly hypervigilent, trapped in a state of fear, paralyzed & unable to even plan or have hope for the future. My life revolved around the Dictator's press conferences & his daily death stat's. I gave the Dictator control over my life.
    Luckily the Dictator isn't very bright & doesn't have the self discipline to hide his true nature & intentions. His hypocrisy & lies were a blessing in disguise for those willing to search for the truth. So my Hell quickly turned into anger & hatred at the sight of him & the sound of his voice.
    PS I forgot he had a moon face at the start of his Dictatorship 🌝

  4. QLD here isn't much better, where I work someone almost cut their leg off with a saw, it took 1.5 hours to get an ambulance to turn up. Our hospitals and ambo's are struggling not because of COVID, but because the unvaccinated were terminated (our local hospital CLOSED wards because there is no staff to open them).

    It's getting to the point soon if you're having an emergency, you'll be having it all by yourself.

  5. Mate, one of the best vids yet shame all his votes come from the city and with the help of the three . Flat back Fiona, the green witch, and Randy Andy the rainbow lollipop man.

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