Dan Andrews’ ego is ‘off the charts’

The Australian’s Sophie Elsworth says Daniel Andrews’ ego is “off the charts” as his controversial pandemic powers bill looks set to pass parliament.

It comes after Transport Matters MP Rod Barton revealed he would vote in favour of the legislation after the government agreed to six amendments to the bill.

“I hope that people think really carefully when they go to the ballot box in 12 months because this premier is out of control on these power trips,” Ms Elsworth told Sky News host Chris Smith.

“We could well face another four years of Daniel Andrews come next year’s election so the opposition really need to step up now.”


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  1. I couldn't think of anything worse than living or even stepping foot in Victoria. It's my number one place to avoid. I will never go there ever again, just in case I get stuck there. I currently have a friend who went there to see her dying father & now she can't even get out to come back home… !!

  2. Over 1,000 new cases of covid every day remember when the dictator would put us into lockdowns when we had just 10 new cases all that has been a waste of time from all us victorians and businesses that lost money,those rules and laws have all been thrown out the window now and funnily we have over 90% double vaccinated.This guy and his health department need to be all sacked

  3. Dan Andrews is a Dictator Psychopaths' who is getting money under the table from Bill Gates, and the Rockefeller pharmacies Industries for obligating the useless Vaccines and Masks. Dan is a corrupt criminal

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