Dan Andrews Gets Covid (The NeverEnding Vaccines)

After months of Dan Andrew’s vaccine mandates it was a shock to see the Stairman Dan himself test positive to the virus. It goes without saying our best wishes & prayers are with him.

Written by MilkBarTV


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  1. HEY JB 😆 😅 – after seeing your comment on this MBTV video – just be prepared for a very diplomatic email with an underlying threat of being placed on 'PROBATION' – from WAIT FOR IT.. the YT Creator Community/no reply at YT com
    Like the one that I got at  3.12 am this morning (see below).
    I admit I ain't no Saint 😇 I have used  abbreviated swearing in some of my comments (esp on Dan related stuff) & expressed my disapproval of appalling political behaviour – but come onnn…I don't think that it's the General public who has concerns with my "heart felt & valid " comments.
    Instead, I think the concerns are coming from those who have a direct affiliation to "Dan the Covid Man" ???????
    The email reads "Hi H J, The [YT Com] Outreach Team regularly reaches out to users who may not otherwise get an opportunity to share their thoughts with us. We’re reaching out to you because members of the community were concerned about some of the comments you’ve posted on [YT]. We’d like to hear about your experience – please take a moment to complete our survey and share your thoughts. We’re here to listen. After you take the survey, someone from our team may follow up to better understand your feedback. Take the Survey.We look forward to hearing from you,The [YT Com] Outreach Team"
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  2. Ps my comment below was deleted by YT within a split second of me posting it (approx 10.40pm last night). Let's see how long this comment lasts????…..

  3. Mate it is all bullshit.

    He was suppose to make a speech at Shane Warne memorial service at the MCG.

    Shane Warne hated the prick for all the bullshit lockdowns & how he ruined Melbourne's reputation.

    If he got on staged everyone would of told him to fuck off & he knew he was going to get shit from the crowd.

    Conveniently I got Covid 2 days out, the gutless prick couldn't face the MCG crowd.

    That's my take


    Louis 👍

  4. Hopefully he spends his recovery time considering retirement and moving to a remote location in another country. Three doses and he still gets it. We're meant to trust him?

  5. The perfect plan to get out of going to Shane Warne's memorial … he knew he was going to get booed so he got Covid to stay away… You can't put anything past these socialist-communists!

  6. he probably has not have the flu do you really think he took the poison as for Mr hate him so much hunt has got enough vaccine to give every Ozzie's a 6th jab …time we started looking into the bastards …all you journalist who have woken up l know there won't be many but it's time to see who has made the money who has share in the vaccines what was the secret deals morrison did with the vaccine companies…like who on the ATAGI board has been paid huge grants from the pharmaceutical companies pfizer being one of the biggest donaters followed by moderna etc how can they be unbiased choosing and pushing deadly vaccines from their benefactors and these are the people supposedly doing due diligence in making sure the vaccines were safe …then if you go and look up the data that's being released by the FDA and pfizer that they tried to have sealed for 75years the trial data hoping anyone who had the vaccine would dead but a judge in Texas made then agree to releasing the data in the next 8 months..out of the first release there are 19pages 1200+ side effects to think our disgusting government has forced this on the nation …here are a few deaths myocarditis pericarditis in both adults and children Bells palsy neurological spinel problems Gillian barre syndrome blood clots brain clots herpes shingles muscular sketal injuries…in the trials there were miscarriages still births liver kidney problems ..people are reporting shoulder injury women having menstrual issues these are just a few ..but remember that the benefits out weigh the risks tell that if any of those people that died they would of given true facts they would of rolled up their sleeves ….look for yourselves for the data that's being released …rotting in hell isn't good enough for these people

  7. How many boosters should one have?

    Millions of people got vaccinated and the daily numbers of Covid infected people have been in the thousands for months.

    And yet it is still claimed the vaccines work.

    If the vaccine works why have so many people ended up getting Covid?

    Surely they're not all unvaccinated! And even if they were, the bout of Covid and subsequent recovery would confer acquired immunity.

    Some countries recognise this and issue certificates as an alternative to the vaccine passport. Not so with our Dan.

    Nevertheless, the thrice jabbed people will by now have reached expired efficacy status. The fourth jab is now recommended.
    And where does it end this booster jab scenario?

    I can't think of any other vaccine I've been given in my long lifetime which has required so many repeats over a relatively short time span.

    All of the vaccines I had in the past were effective.

  8. 1. Morrison, Daniel Andrews and other premiers in this country are shameless politicians. They have played God on the people’s lives as if they knew how to lead the people out of the pandemic. But they already failed miserably. See the chart “Daily New Deaths in Australia” in the Australian section posted on the website of Worldometers. Disregarding the number of deaths, the notable fact is that COVID-19 is going stronger more than ever.

    Quote from the article “Life. Death. COVID-19”, posted on the website of the ABC News on 08/03/2022: “We’ve been told lockdowns and state border closures are a thing of the past, and as we learn to “live with the virus” we are, inevitably, seeing more people die with it too. But how many deaths are too many?”

  9. So the second highest paid politician is taking even more time off. This has to be the laziest Premiere Victoria has ever had. He's also the biggest liar. The biggest gasslighter, and the biggest condescending prick.

  10. He's full of lies the whole government is either liberals Labor greens every one of those are lying that's why they don't want the people of Australia to read the Pfizer report

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