Dan Andrews KIDNAPS Victoria: Stockholm Syndrome now Melbourne Syndrome (MISERY)

Melbourne endured the longest lockdown in the world (and much MISERY) under Premier Dan Andrews, while also having the highest Covid causality rates in the country. The result of the expanded lockdown has been the near collapse of Victoria’s Health System and yet for some reasons Victorians still love Dan Andrews and it looks likely he’ll be reelected this November. So Stockholme Syndrome is now being called Melbourne Syndrome.

Written by MilkBarTV


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  1. That's one scary vid. It was hard to watch his ankles snap. Well done Milk bar. I think Dildo Dan would actually enjoy this clip. He craves power. 🤕💉

  2. Perfect casting for Dan! Correct diagnosis for too many Victorians.
    In terms of the ‘support’ I need, I need to be allowed to work in my field without your coercion & blackmail because I’m a big girl & understand risk profiles. I need to not be gaslit or guilt tripped that I’m killing other people either as I think the gigs well & truly up on that ‘story’. If you won’t give me that ‘support’ then I want the state government to refund all my uni fees & give me resources to train in another field.

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