Dan Andrews Lies About 4,000 ICU Beds

On April 1st 2020 Dan Andrews announces over 1 billion dollar’s will be spent on 4,000 ICU beds, nearly a year 1 & half later there’s no sign of the beds and he insists the beds were never even supposed to be coming.

Written by MilkBarTV


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  1. Its against the Australian constitution to force anyone to a medicine be intravenious or otherwise .So Dickhead Dan and his cronies are all accountable liable &guilty of a crime they all need to put before the courts & Kicked to the curb judgement day is on its way

  2. if "everyone" gets JABBED(TM) then "everyone" will be immune not suffer as badly as the "unjabbed(TM)",
    why do we need so many ICU beds? (or are these for the children who are going to suffer cardiac issues because "vaccine" and heart attacks in kids is the "new normal") asking for a friend.

  3. He was health minister before premier, they are all liars and scammers and are never held accountable, he and his ministers should be investigated by forensic auditors personally and professionally. They get away with so much its all a farce.

  4. These people are straight-up criminals and guilty of massive wealth transfer away from the people putting future generations into debt, add to this massive wealth transfer to Big Pharma for the toxic jab. These people need to be arrested for treason.

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