Dan Andrews Lies: Hotel Quarantine Part 1 Announcing Public Security

Dan Andrews lies regarding his announcement on March 27, 2020 of the use of Private Security for Hotel Quarantine.

Link to full Premier Statement from March 27, 2020:

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  1. The dismissal without penalty of drink driving charges against Peta Credlin after a letter from incoming Attorney-General George Brandis show again that the Liberal Party consider themselves above the law… Credln has zero credibility.

  2. Dopey Dan Andrews is a despot and never will I believe whatever is spoken from his mouth as they are absolute lies! The sooner this clown ceases to exist the better for all of us!

  3. If there’s 1 thing Dictator Dickhead can’t tolerate is an intelligent & well prepared female, who can stare down most men. Particularly men who lie thru their rotting teeth.
    Where’s the $30M gone Andrews? Not 1 security company who provided guards for hotel quarantine, at any of the sites used, was paid!

  4. I cannot begin to tell you how much I hate this lying pos sociopath. It makes my blood boil every time I see his face.
    We should never let people forget how much he has lied.
    One question, I would like answered, is why the particular security company was hired. Did they bribe Andrews for the contract?

  5. "I'm fairly uniquely placed to remember what I said"……………..…………………

    I don't recall. I don't recall. I don't recall 😂🤣😂🤣

  6. Let's get creative with alternative realities Dan…….what you do best. Enforcing your alternate reality repeatedly to make it "factual".
    Other people may call it narcistic lies….just saying.

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