Dan Andrews Loses….Vaccine Mandates & Restrictions

The wait is over! And it turned out to be a lot shorter than we were initially told. UPDATE: It appears the worker vaccine mandates are still in place despite advice from the CHO but it’s only a matter of time now…

Written by MilkBarTV


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  1. Compression and release There will be no end to this b.s. The vast majority agreed to it, and complied with lies. Nothing new. The laws will never be repealed. Individually I don't give a @#$! about being allowed back into any venue. I'm not returning to any venue I can live without. Never setting foot in my local library again.

  2. It's an election year for the ghoul, that's the only reason Quasimodo Dan is scrapping rules. I just hope that Victorians never forget what he and his corrupt crew have put them thru and boot them out in November.

  3. Businesses were dumb to enforce vaccine passes anyway. Me & many others plan to keep boycotting them anyway, stopping in very briefly to tell them what we think & remind them that they are being boycotting for indulging in virtue signalling discrimination that many of them enjoyed. People fundamentally misunderstand the role of government. They work for you & should be helping to create an environment for robust free market etc., they don't rule over you like a feudal lord. He & his cronies are also relying on most people to have goldfish-like memories. The majors have signed off on deals which involve grinding those businesses that were resilient enough to survive into the ground very soon. They may be bankrupted when their staff come forward & launch action against them for coercion & violating valid consent. The Gov wants all those people on a conditional UBI & dependent on the state.

  4. 1 thing is as sure as bears crap in the forest, if this was not a state election year in Victoriastan, we would be in a lockdown, work from home would be the norm for those who are able to and the economy would half way down the S bend!

  5. It's not over. Too many are still under vaccine mandates. Are they afraid of loosing some federal seats? Mid last year Dan said there was to be no let up until April or May 2022. Still part of the script.

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