Dan Andrews REACTS to our Supreme Court action against him

His defence is precisely why everyone should JOIN US in this fight at

The guy is out of bloody control.


Rebel News:

Written by Avi Yemini

Proud Ozraeli


  1. Stupid Daniel or should I call you Danielle?
    I would rather be on a machine to help me breath than to be lied to by your scare tactics.
    You are an absolute evil thing, yes a thing is what you are mate.

  2. Classic Arrogance.
    By definition , not only ignorant , but not being self aware or comprehending just how ignorant n incompetent he is!
    Hes never worked a day in his life , even public sector!
    Straight from school to party hack n ultimate example of Parkinsons Law n Crap n Corruption Rising to the Top!

  3. What basically are these "stay at home directions"? Are they actual laws, passed by those authorised to make legislation? And if not, are they legally binding, or even valid? Are some arbitrary "directions" that are not even loosely founded in science even valid? And are they constitutional? We, the citizens of this country, have a right to the answers to these questions – and then some.

  4. Yes. He's thrown people a tiny crumb in the hopes it will relieve a bit of the pressure and gain him time to spring the trap even further. Strike while the iron is hot, people and don't ease up until these traitorous rat bags are behind bars where they belong. (I apologise to all rats for any offense I may have caused).

  5. 00:12… Ok I've been drinking so this is why this question is funny… What is Madeline soliciting?… Yeah you people with a dark sense of humor will get it… Again it's 01:23 am and I have been drinking

  6. No law or rule can supercede the Commonwealth Of Australia Constitution 1901 . FACT . It's the highest law in the land and NO politician , bureaucrat or judge has the authority to overrule it………FACT . Why isn't he and the chief health officer both swinging ?