Dan Andrews refers to Victorians as “Extremists”. Nuremberg 2.0 is coming…

The Victorian Premier has accused Scott Morrison of chasing the votes of extremists through his comments addressing protests against the state’s proposed pandemic powers bill.

Daniel Andrews has accused Scott Morrison of using “double speak to extremists”, and sending mixed messages, over the PM’s comments addressing recent protests in Melbourne.

Written by Aussie Cossack


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  1. The extremists I have seen on many videos are the Nazi police sanctioned by Andrews and his type. Unlike the BLM riots not protests , these protests have been peaceful and dignified with all walks of life gathered in a civilised manner. Andrews needs reminded along with the police they are not in 1930s Germany. Well wishes from the UK 👍🏻

  2. We are not his citizens. He will learn this lesson soon. I'd much rather be called an ugly extremist any day of the week than a Dan Andrews bootlicker. At least I have the backbone to stand up against a pathological liar.

  3. Get ready Austria made mandatory vaccine for the whole population from February 1st people wake up you will be put into a camp if non compliance the time for games is over get ready!!!!

  4. My biggest concern s about this bloke has any one checked to see is this guy really from the planet earth or has he been delivered from outer space no I take that comment back they would have more brains on other planets he was one of the rejects and they got rid of him to destroy earth 😱🥶

  5. Peaceful protest is legal because its pointless. Sydney 24/7/2021 the whole world saw that in under 12 hours and made the nsw government copletelt restructure police opperations it took over media and social media.
    That was what a protest should do hopefully we see a repeat tomorrow

  6. How is people who is fighting for there rights extremist is it fair for me to say that daniel andrews is therefore a communist for his beliefs and the way he wants to control like his Chinese comrades and im sick of his lefties calling the protesters extremists when all they want is there democracy back which that's what we are not what he wants when a nation is controlled by one man and that nation is to scared to comment or even persecuted for speaking for there rights and the media becomes biased towards the government being right or wrong and crucifieng the far right for simple defending democracy that makes damiel andrews a dictator not a leader and those ideas belong in places such as East Berlin when they where communist and China and Russia he likes that type of governing so much why doesn't he go and take his family and go and live in those places he isn't Australian as he portrays for if he was he would listen to the people not what he wants he forgets he works for Victorians not Victorians for him

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