DAN ANDREWS throws a TANTRUM over the MESS he’s made of the Emergency Health System in Victoria.

DAN ANDREWS throws a TANTRUM over the MESS he’s made of the Emergency Health System in Victoria.

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  1. Nah not his fault. He's only been premier for years, health minister for years before that. He' fully locked down our state with the world's most strict mass society incarceration. He promised 4000 new ICU beds in 2020 and delivered none. He fired hundreds (thousands?) Of experienced, qualified and capable healthcare workers because they had the courage to make a personal medical decision about their own health (and they are still fired because they were absolutely vindicated by that decision, and Dan punish them for that)

  2. NOBODY suggested the staff have been doing nothing. NOBODY criticized the staff.
    The question was what have you, Dan Andrews, done, and what are you going to do, about the crisis in the Ambulance service.
    Odious piece of dog sh_*t.

  3. If you notice his facial cues, they’re actually that name that lefties love to use, that is a “dog whistle”

    It’s highly passive aggressive. It’s used to denigrate your opposition. And his supporters take their cue from it. Opposition should be denigrated.

    I’ve been protesting against this man for 6-7 years. I recognised what he was before most victorians did. He’s a professional manipulator. It is incredibly dangerous to give these people power.

    On top of that, he’s also internally very angry. He had dreams of being PM. They even been dashed.

    Since those dreams were dashed, about 4 years ago, he’s turned to a lot more financial corruption. Lots of dodgy deals with his incredibly rich friends.
    He purchased an $11m mansion in Brighton in Feb of 2021.

    Now on his salary, and his pasts salary, and potential future earnings, he can’t afford that.

    Considering he’s lose about 34% to tax each year. An $11m mansion should be beyond his pay scale. He earns as much as a surgeon does. Rarely do surgeons live in those fantastic Brighton mansions.surgeons have nice homes, but usually no more than $4-$5 million tops. The people who live on those fantastic mansions are bankers and business people.

    Andrews is neither.

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