Dan Andrews UnMasked

Video has emerged of a maskless Dan Andrews walking through a carpark in Melbourne today.

Around him everyone else in the video appears to be masked. He did later front up to the media cameras for a press conference, however does that alone allow him to walk through Melbourne without a mask-on as per his guidelines.

In the video he did get awfully close to the media press pack without a mask on, walking through them without socially distancing.
Should the Premier receive a penalty notice for what appears to be a breach of mask mandates?

Video Source: Paul Dowsley IG Story.

Written by Real Rukshan


  1. Arrest him, call crimes stoppers, charge him with an offence, use rubber bullets, isn’t that what he endorses on us long suffering citizens in the communist state of Victoria!

  2. Dan Andrews did MASKED, like the story Emperor in his new clothes, only people who are not stupid could see the mask…
    Did you see it? I saw it! It is black in color and I am not stupid….😂

  3. He's above the law, don't you know? His rules are for everyone else but not himself. I also don't see any sign that he's getting his mobile phone out ready to check in using a QR Code either.

  4. No commentator or journalist seems to have made the promised by him, but missing 4000 ICU Beds stick to him either. And it's there in black & white on his Premier website dated 1 April 2022…maybe it was an April Fool's joke, NOT. Not happy Dan !

  5. I can’t wait for the media to grill him over this tomorrow… actually wait the media won’t do that as this will expose the hypocrisy 😞

  6. One day this guy is going to be on the wrong end of a murderous mob and all he will ask is, "Why me? What have I done? This is so unfair!" He won't understand why people are angry with him. His type never does. Mostly because to him people are cardboard cutouts. Just little paper people to play with.

    In a way it is sad. A small, confused man. He is like a turtle on a fence post. Confused on how he got there. Elevated beyond his ability to function. Awaiting a fate he can neither comprehend nor prevent.

    On the other hand, fuck him. The world needs to see what this man is and what happens to men like him. The feckless fools who would dare rip liberty and dignity from their own citizens.

  7. Australia, We Have A Choice at up Coming Elections.
    All of these parties oppose mandatory vaccinations and passports.
    United Australia Party, Democratic Labour Party, Katter’s Australian Party, Liberal Democratic Party, One Nation Party, The Informed Medical Options Party, Shooters Fishers and Farmers Party.

  8. I always think it's strange when I have a mask on but can still smell people's perfume (not to mention Dan Andrews bullshit) if such a large molical as deodorant passes right through your mask I'm sure co-vid is not going to have any trouble slipping on through. R