Dan Andrews Will Own A Part Of Your Home!

#RealEstate #Housing #HeiseSays
The Victoria Government will soon own parts of 1000’s of Victorians homes.


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Written by Heise Says


  1. Heise, the thing is, what is the alternative. I really feel the value add is in discussing alternatives. Whats a good way to navigate this sh*t storm that is the housing market. Say someone waits ten years, renting whilst they do…They could spend say 100k renting, meanwhile prices might go up 100k, if not more, and overall lose 200k. How does that compare with at least owning a bit of a house.

  2. Yes, there will be conditions in the home with government part-ownership. To be honest, it's the same plan I discovered years ago when I was offered a "shared ownership scheme", whereby I pay half and the housing organisation pays half, and I get the opportunity to buy out the other half once I've finished paying my half. The contract was written in such a way that it severely disadvantages the tenant if the house price goes up in value. I knew most housing organisations using this scheme would be able to buy out houses for less money overall in the end. All they needed to do was wait for the inevitable outcome.

    Behind the scenes, global governance is being run by proxy of governments AND corporations. This is key to understanding how policies can be implemented by corporations who own (or part own) your property, not just by government. Both are as bad as each other, as we'll be living in a Socialistic world run by a global elite if they're able to remove our ability to fully own our property.

  3. You will own nothing and you will be happy! Thanks comrade Dan and the rest of the government in Victoria who don't have to get the vaccine like all other essential workers?

  4. the WA govt has had a program like this for many years maybe decades now, i believe they can supply up to 5%, for an equivalent ownership share. it really only means you can pay them out later on, or when you sell. i understand that the ownership share involves getting further approvals if you want to make changes.. not sure exactly.
    having said that, the WA govt is not Dan Andrews, fascist extraordinaire

  5. Digital currency to be rolled out and those on benefits will be the first to embrace it.
    Britcoin will likely be programmed in only “special circumstances”. Starting, as the Telegraph says, with state benefits. They will be flagged to be spent only on “essentials”. (Of course, if Universal Basic Income is put in place, then it’s possible the majority of people could end up on “state benefits”.)

    It’s also not hard to see programmable money feeding into the “protect the NHS narrative”, where people aren’t allowed to spend state money on sugar, cigarettes or alcohol. Or people on organ waiting lists, or diagnosed with certain conditions, have their wages and spending controlled.

  6. Sorry to say bro my x owns 60% of a house I paid for 2006 in Western Australia the government owns 40%this type of stimulus has been going on a while now😎

  7. All locations listed are outside Metro Melbourne. Lilydale or Boxhill are suburbs of Melbourne, the list is regional towns. Looks like goverment is encouraging people to move outside of Metro Melbourne.

  8. My question is what if the buyer default on their loan? 100K house, 5K from borrow, 25K tax payers money, and 70K from the bank, assume the 70K is paid by borrower along, and if this person defaults, bank gonna call back the loan and sale off the house at a lost mostly say 80K, 20K-5k from the borrower ,and 15K lost from tax payer???? What the fuck?

  9. Be carefull Florian. They just came in thenight ans arrrested Zussie Cossace by a cop that said "I will get you" stazi is alive and well.
    Not one polly or newshave came to his defence.

  10. "Dear birthing or non-birthing person, based on our review of social media accounts, we have determined that you have breached acceptable community standards for our mortgage assistance contract. As such you are hereby given notice to vacate immediately. "

  11. Creating more useless Public Sector Jobs under Home Buyer Fund Team.
    Just like Greece having some what 30% of workforce are public sectors before they asked for help from IMF.

  12. The Vic government will keep house prices going up at any cost. There’s a huge number of Victorians who’ll look the other way and ignore any amount of corruption provided their house price continues to rise. This scheme achieves that for existing home owners, the elite Dan fans, at the same time as it’s a solid step towards socialist like government home ownership for the hated working class.

  13. It sounds too much like the CCP, in China. Look where that has left the Chinese, with nothing in the long run. How long before they are demanding further terms and conditions. Get in bed with the devil and roo the day. No way.

  14. Must have a minimum social rating of no less than 430.Must have been a ubi participant of a low level housing area for atleast 153 working days and be triple vaccinated. Must have a nurolink implant procedure to proceed with the application.

  15. Equity share loan by government is not new which is another form of share ownership. Both schemes have been in operating in UK for a while.
    The downsides are (i) Your are FULLY responsible for the running of the property not per your % ownership; (ii) when you sell, they equity shareholder (government/housing association/developer) get paid back a larger sum. For example; if their contribution 25% were $25K and your sale $200K they get $50K!
    Yet the government may allow interest free in first 5 years.
    The HA share ownership scheme: you pay rent on proportion they own.
    There is no such thing as free lunch!