Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History 60 The Celtic Holocaust

Julius Caesar is our travel guide as he takes us through his murderous subjugation of the native Celtic tribal peoples of ancient Gaul. It sounds vaguely like other, recent European colonial conquests…until the natives nearly win.

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Written by Dan Carlin


  1. No doubt you have put alot of time and effort in this but, im detecting a certain undertone in this entire story. It seems to me you are trying to bring this entire event in the frames of modern morales and behavioral norms.
    Lookin history that happened so long ago might be comparable to observing alien civilization from another planet. They had completely different traditions and morale values. We all know Rome was a conquering civilization and warfare was the thing that made or sunk emperors.
    Until you are not able to get the idea to your head that you cannot interpet the history through modern lense you lose great deal of ''truth'' of what actually happened and why.
    We can look around what happens now and use our current values to improve it and improve the future to be better for everybody and certainly we can learn from the mistakes that was done in the past but, given enough time, perspectives change by a great deal. If you really try understanding what happened 2000 years ago and why, then try to get into the mindset that people had 2000 years ago. Not easy to do for many but, once you turly manage that you would actually paint slightly different picture in your head!

  2. "It sounds vaguely like other, recent European colonial conquests…" You mean the British East Indies Company formerly Dutch East Indies Company. Curiously, in Dutch, the official title is Vereenigde Oostindische Compagnie; VOC, which means 'United Trading Organisation'; they were clear from the beginning it was a private enterprise based out of Lisbon, Amsterdam, then London.

  3. Funny how much this intro has aged in such a short amount of time, "I can't even wrap my mind about losing one's culture here in the united states" Meanwhile in 2020: everyone is muzzled, churched are closed and yet riots are allowed and even encouraged, one can't run and operate a business as mandated by the law, Christians being told they're bad for being white racists and deserves to be attacked and having their property vandalized by a mod of angry blacks and meth head radical liberal whites, etc." Americanism as a culture is being destoryed and it is all being done while the smokescreen is down. The smoke screen being artificially inflated covid-19 numbers.

  4. The word Celts is a Greek word keltoi meaning people they knew nothing about, a barbarian which was not complimentary, the only Europeans not called this were the Danes Swedes or Iceland because Greece had no idea they even existed, and none of these people called themselves Celts, it's a fairly modern reference ,

  5. The diseases went both ways. Syphilus, plagues and something they just called the "general sickness" wiped out huge numbers of European settlers. It happens when the diseases of one population are suddenly introduced to a new population.

  6. I'm interested in the art chosen here. He is a Kelt with his golden torque, but he also has Polynesian, south American, Hopi native American, Irish and other tribal tattoos. Pretty cool.

  7. Could somebody PLEASE tell me why the slave rebellion wasn't even mentioned here? Unless I have my timelines wrong, the story of Spartacus runs almost directly alongside elements of this story. Markus Crassus, for example, was definitely involved with ending that rebellion. Thoughts? Anyone is welcome to jump in here. Thanks! This podcast is amazing!

  8. "You would have to be a Nazi to believe in the right of conquest".
    I guess the Communist protesters are right, not giving my house back to the Indians DOES make me a Nazee.
    Thanks Dan!

  9. I picture the end: Romans are laughing, they've won, "Look at the traps we built, yay us!"
    Until someone stops laughing and goes… "er, yeah! Chaps, we're going to have to break our way out of this trap now"
    And everyone goes "Ohhhhhh."

  10. to answer your question. Celt and Norse are descendants of specifically neanderthal lines. enlarged frontal cortex exhibiting as an extruded forehead and brow. they were a divergent line that bred back in. im scottish 😛

  11. Dan asked why the Romans said good things about the Germans? Its quite simple actually.. Cesar wanted to have a worthy glorious adversary stemmed from an inferior enemy rumored to be a tough and savage beast.. +Reputation +Respect +Fear +Pride +Power… all with a dash of a pretentious overwhelming advanced major power conquering a minor underdeveloped society to present a false brilliance of an advanced mastermind or leader…