Dana White SCHOOLS Journalist On COVID Treatments

At a recent press conference, UFC President Dana White spoke about how monoclonal antibodies effectively treated his COVID but are infuriatingly scarce today, and was challenged by a reporter who asked, “Are you a doctor?”

Jimmy and comedian Kurt Metzger discuss the ongoing suppression of early COVID treatments.

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  1. Man it really does take people like Joe, Dana, and Jimmy, because you really do have to be just ready for conflict when you speak truth from a platform. In any context there is an army of paid and volunteer assholes ready to heckle you at minimum. It's much harder for people not prepared for confrontation, so in my view if you can take the heat you have a duty to draw it to you so it doesn't burn the people that can't.

    Prima facie:
    1) Anthony Stephen Fauci finance the cause and is now offering the solution.

    2) Propaganda cites science but Science does not censor Peers.

    3) FDA has no credibility. On average, 1,279 FDA drugs are recalled every year.

    So who is behind all of this. Who are the usual suspects? Who controls the
    media, the pharmaceuticals, and lobby politicians?

    4) The government allows Commercial Banks to create money out of thin air
    so they can lend it to us. While they dont keep the created money they do
    Keep the interest and fees which total almost a trillion dollars a year.
    These interest have allowed the monopolization of most large corporations
    by way of asset mananagement firms.

    5) BLACKROCK, VANGUARD and STATE STREET are majority holders of
    Mainstream media and pharmaceuticals Companies. By 2028 they are going
    to control more money than the GNP of the entire USA.

    6) These type of monopoly organizations have been
    doing research on the psychology of panic since the beginning of the 1900s. This
    is a type of Propaganda used by Edward Bernay. It appears that they are
    applying these basic principles of mass psychology.

    Case in point: A Texas mother
    has been charged with endangering a child after she allegedly placed her
    13-year-old son, who had Covid-19, into her car's trunk to avoid being exposed
    to the virus, according to a warrant from the Harris County District Attorney's

    Jay Maher, 25, London Says:
    "I have lost two friends because of vaccine differences. I’m fully vaccinated
    and they are refusing to get the jab. We’ve stopped hanging out because it’s
    actually dangerous for me to be around them when they could be carrying
    the disease." If he is vaccinated why would it be dangerous?

  3. Maybe Big Pharma's corruption wouldn't be such a big deal if so many dumba**es didn't vote in corrupt c***s with absolutely no moral compass like <place establishment politician name here>. The internet has done too good of a job making sure people don't have to think that they don't even consider it an option anymore.

  4. I think the whole plan is cull the poor and old and weak while making a fortune on vaccines and then boost everyone over and over untill we have t memory cell failure … then bring in the most deadly and transmissible virus yet to close the chapter. Lets face it the world cant sustain the filthy rich energy vamps running it in the opulent ways they have come to expect so sorry the majority has to go…

  5. You are a second tier propagandist (the most dangerous kind, imho) if you think the problem is capitalism. You keep mentioning that Pfizer made $36 billion dollars on the Covid vaccine, but where did that money come from? Did people pay that money out of their pockets the way a truly capitalist system works? No. That money CAME FROM THE GOVERNMENT AND WENT STRAIGHT TO PFIZER'S POCKETS, do not pass go, do not collect $200 — your illegally collected federal income tax money hard at work paying off the scammers and corrupt slime, like only a corrupt government can do. No way in hell can you get away with this crap in a capitalist system where PEOPLE DO THEIR OWN RESEARCH AND MAKE THEIR OWN DECISION WHAT TREATMENT THEY WANT TO BUY, not the government. The latter is called socialism, Jimmy, and it doesn't work. Stop calling socialism capitalism (which I know you won't do because that would be just like doctors telling people about monoclonal antibodies — a death wish for your main source of support, the same pharmaceutical swamp that controls the first tier propaganda). PS – the world hasn't seen true capitalism since the 16th Amendment in 1913. The solution to EVERY PROBLEM YOU'VE EVER MENTIONED ON YOUR SHOW is to take down the 16th Amendment and allow CAPITALISM to do its thing, the complete opposite of the propaganda you are paid to promote.

  6. At 5&½ minutes in I have to ask Has anyone been in America during the Drug War?! Yeah, you can't legally get drugs to put in your own body.
    I'm shocked, shocked…

  7. It's not just CNN but ALL the organizations controlled by the Globalists are back-peddling to save their asses. The narrative is crumbling and they are ALL trying to distance themselves. Very soon they will be offering up scapegoats. Let's go, Brandon!!

  8. With this CNN-article in hand, Fauci, CNN and their kind might think they can cover their *ss, when the sh*te finally hits the fan. " We díd really trý to bring it to the publics attention : here's the proof….."

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