Danger Dan’s TOP TEN S#!T people of 2021.

This was a tough one. I could have done a top 100 but who has the time? Anyway. These are the ten people who really gave me the sh#ts this year. Have a bloody top night and I’ll be back again to annoy the crap out of you next year!

Written by Danger Dan


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    You make Our Days ..🎯

    Cheers to your videos, and less pricks in our liVes …the only thing I bother to watch now on this BS Agenda…is DangerDan .💩lov ya work

  2. Dan Andrews the most vile, hated, despised sold out traitor ever. Easy wins the most pathetic scum bag awards of the century. Rumours are he never fell down the stairs but the media will never report truth.
    Fsuvi award for biggest mass murderer genocide creature .

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