DANGER in China’s Nuclear Power Plant?!

A French company is warning that there may be problems at its nuclear plant in China. G7 countries talk about how to counter China. China sends a record number of fighter jets toward Taiwan. The New York Times interviews the woman at the center of the coronavirus lab leak theory.

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Written by China Uncensored

China Uncensored will bring you the uncensored truth about the Chinese Communist Party's secret plan to take over the world. Just kidding.


  1. I have a feeling this one would be worse than Chernobyl. The pathetic weak governements of the world will let them off with it too just like they did with covid. Fucking pathetic vermin scum all of them.

  2. Sounds to me, Chris, that the person asking the question at the end of your video was hinting that he / she did not believe the veracity of your sinkhole – in – CCP China video. That's strange, considering that China Uncensored has never, as far as I know, lied about the various oddities and corruption in CCP China.
    Aside from that, you were REALLY on a roll with your sarcasm today, Chris. BUT one DOES have to maximize the sarcasm when you consider how the G7 leaders still consider CCP China ONLY a 'Challenge" while declaring Russia as a "Threat"
    SORT OF UNDERSTANDABLE when you consder that Russia is a "Threat" right next door to many countries of the G7, while CCP China is comfortably "Out of Sight, Out of Mind".
    Not to mention that certain G7 countries are still willingly ignoring Genocide and Human Rights Abuses in CCP China because CCP China is a – so far – profitable trading partner and market for things like German Car, and American APPLE products.

  3. Take pictures of the cops and lawyers with their dirty hands around the activists, send them to the consulate of the West, and let them and their families get sanction.

  4. That hole in that photo does kinda look photoshopped but I think it’s only because of the somewhat low quality recording combined with the bright outside light which makes the dark hole look entirely black.

  5. CCP: Not only our nuclear plant is 100% safe, our scientists proved, that nuclear fallout pose no danger to human life and there's no human to human transmission 😀

  6. Every U.S. paper I could find: "Hong Kong security law is not retroactive."
    Reuters on Apple Daily incident: "The legislation is not retrospective but prosecutors can use actions from before its implementation as evidence."
    HKFP:"All the leading pro-democracy candidates have been disqualified from contesting the next Legislative Council election via retroactive application of the new national security standards — even if the law itself is not retroactive."
    So, its not retroactive, but it is.

  7. Hi Chris another great episode getting the truth out there ?
    Strange how the 1st ad break there wasn't an add, I send feedback to youtube asking why are they demonatising your episodes and ask "How many ccp members have infiltrated youtube ?" suddenly the adverts are back !!!
    Anyone else have this ??

  8. For a supposedly "superior culture," they sure seem to have to use a lot of repressive measures to keep their people in line.

  9. 25 Trillion dollars compensate amount for the Wuhan lab virus havoc caused by the China to be given to the world.
    China has to compensate the World 25 Trillion dollars for the Wuhan lab virus havoc caused.

  10. Scientists have come out and said that they didn’t want to support the lab leak because it was connected with Trump and they were fearful of being seen to be aligned with Trump. That’s insane. Science was quiet on the biggest story of the century because of cancel culture. We all should be very concerned.

  11. One could only hope it melts down and sends the CCP back into the stone age the technology the CCP has was all stollen and they don't understand how it works and are putting the whole world at risk.

  12. They don't blow up they meltdown, the idea that nuclear power plants go up like a nuclear bomb was fearmongering from green groups who hated nuclear power when in reality they melt hence the term meltdown.

  13. Fact: As long as the CCP is in control of China they will continue to be the cancer of the world. A ticking time bomb that if unchecked will kill us all.

  14. Everything is okay in china, ignore the rapid beeps from your Geiger counter, also ignore the strange growls coming from that dark corridor that is definitely filled with ghouls!"

  15. Wow tanks china unscensored for covering about this taishan btw is the city were my mom came from i never fought it would ever reach the news ?